MBA Admissions Dean Video Blog: Update for Waitlisted Applicants

If you applied to Darden’s Full-time MBA and were placed on the waitlist during Round 1, please watch this video blog from Sara Neher, MBA Admissions Dean. She discusses the waitlist review process and steps you can take to improve your candidacy for admission.

MBA Admissions Blog: Message for Waitlisted Applicants at Darden

If you haven’t already, please inform us of your intention to remain on the waitlist on the Waitlist Response Form.

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One Response to MBA Admissions Dean Video Blog: Update for Waitlisted Applicants

  1. Sapna Kumari says:

    I really like the Dean Video for the MBA admissions its nice to keep upto date the people about the facts MBA admissions questions are one them


    BBA admission Delhi/

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