Q&A with Fernanda Seroa de Motta Jordao (Class of 2017)


Fernanda Seroa da Motta Jordao (Class of 2017) is originally from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. She found out about Darden through The Economist ranking.  Fernanda received a BA in Industrial Engineering in 2010 from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio).

Q: What have you learned from Darden, outside of the classroom?

The first thing I learned at Darden is to how better prioritize things. You need to balance between academics, recruiting and social activities to get the best from all of it.

Also, the importance of the community to Darden is huge and I’ve never experienced that before. It’s good to be part of Charlottesville community and to help each other.

Another important aspect is about ethics and trust. Darden really believes in its students. The honor code here is something really huge/important and part of our culture.

img_6458_v2Q: Have you participated in any global academic programs while at Darden? Please share about your experience.

Yes, I traveled to Japan for the Kaizen (a partnership between Darden and Danaher). We spent a week working in a kaizen project in a Danaher factory. It was my first time in Asia. It was an amazing experience to work in another country in a language that I didn’t know how to speak. I realized that body language also speaks a lot. And that people can understand you and help you even if you don’t speak their language. Besides that, it was wonderful to get to know a new culture, a new place.

Q:  What did you do for your summer internship?

During this past summer, I worked at Dell Technologies in the consumer side. I worked specifically with their development and retention program. I loved the experience and it helped me confirm that I wanted to keep working with Marketing after graduation. It prepared me well for a full-time role since it gave me the opportunity to network with different people and have a better understanding of the company and of the area.

img_8479_v2Q: Tell me about your experiences Darden’s with clubs. Why are they important and meaningful to you and the community?

For me, one of the most important things as a student is to be able to “give back” and help our school and community keep improving. So, I’m a Social/Events VP of two clubs: Latin American Student Association (LASA) and Media, Entertainment and Sports Club (MESC). I love to bring people together and there is no better way than creating a nice event, like a barbecue for LASA. That’s the best way to get to know each other, get to know different cultures and have nice conversations.

Q: What do you think of Charlottesville?

I love Charlottesville. I couldn’t have asked for a better place to do my MBA. Charlottesville is really a charming city. Plenty of vineyards to visit with amazing landscapes, many trails for hiking, a variety of restaurants and a really cute Downtown Mall.

For me, the best time to be here is during the Fall. It’s so beautiful and a drive through Skyline Drive will make you fall in love with the city/state. As people tend to say, Virginia is for lovers!

Q: What is the most unexpected thing you’ve learned studying at Darden?

I’ve learned that I’m much more patient and psychological stronger than I thought I was! Hehe. It also made me value even more my time and my true friendships. Time is so precious as well as my real friends! If I’m graduating next May, it’s because of the support of my loved family as well as the support of amazing friends that I made at Darden and that I will keep forever!

Doing a MBA at Darden is not only a matter of learning a lot about different subjects and getting ready for future opportunities that will show up, but it’s also learning about your true self. Doing a MBA is a much deeper and important decision than I ever thought it would be.

2016 Darden Cup Champions- Section A. Fernanday says, "Section A is one of the best things that happened to me here at Darden."

2016 Darden Cup Champions- Section A.
Fernanda says, “Section A is one of the best things that happened to me here at Darden.”


Fernanda with her Darden Kaizen team in Japan.

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Scholar Showcase: Nikhil Vijaywargiya (Class of 2017)

By Lauren Wallacevijaywargiya-nikhil

Nikhil Vijaywargiya, currently a second year residential MBA student at Darden, is originally from Indore, India. He received his Master’s in Commerce from the University of Mumbai in 2010 and previously worked in investment banking and as a general manager in a multispecialty hospital. Nikhil received a Batten Scholarship which recognizes students who demonstrate experience in past entrepreneurial ventures, have done exemplary work within high-tech industries or have been recognized as instrumental in implementation innovation along the value chain of various businesses.  While at Darden, Nikhil has served in leadership positions in the Healthcare Club and the Darden South Asian Society, and is an active member of the Darden Follies team.  He took a few minutes to share his reflections on his time here thus far:

Before attending Darden, Nikhil Vijaywargiya made the switch from investment banking to the healthcare field, where he worked in his family’s multi-specialty hospital for two years in his home city of Indore. Seeing an opportunity to create greater social impact, Nikhil began working in a general management role where he could integrate his business knowledge into the healthcare space. In this role, he gained valuable experience working throughout the hospital’s organizational system, managing both cross-departmental and family dynamics. “It’s always interesting doing business with family members,” Nikhil jokingly admitted. This new desire to have a positive social impact in the healthcare space by adding value to his clients’ interests inspired Nikhil to pursue an MBA in addition to his Master’s degree in Commerce.

Knowing he wanted his graduate school experience to be in a global setting yet with the feel of a tight-knit community, “Darden was an easy choice” for Nikhil. During his admissions visit, he was particularly impressed by the class participation that he observed—a function of Darden’s case-based teaching methodology—as well as by the school’s breathtaking setting in Charlottesville. Those feelings did not change when he arrived as a student in 2015.

During his time in Charlottesville, Nikhil has loved the community of both students and professors at Darden. “The professors don’t compromise on what they’re teaching. They have a lot of enthusiasm and energy [and] are so approachable,” and the students aren’t any less remarkable. Though recruiting is competitive, the collaboration between students is high and “classmates are extremely helpful to each other…there’s a lot of competition, no doubt, but it’s not cutthroat.” Nikhil enjoyed taking part in his learning team and his section, where he met and worked with peers from various cultures and countries on class assignments every day. “I can’t emphasize enough how the community has really helped me.” Nikhil continues, “it’s a very, very respectful community that I’m grateful to be a part of. A lot of people believe the MBA is all about networking with your peers and making ‘contacts.’ At Darden, I have found that it’s not just about networking—the relationships you build here are real.”

He singles out working in the learning team as one of the most valuable experiences at Darden. “My learning team consisted of diverse personalities coming from various geographies, and working with them every day in first year made me learn the facets of working in a cross-cultural team.”

Hailing from India, Nikhil had the distinguishing experience of being new to Darden as well as the U.S. “A global focus is always important to international students,” he explained about his search for the ideal grad school. After watching an alumni testimonial video on Darden’s Global Consulting Projects and learning about other international study opportunities like the Darden.Worldwide. Courses, it was clear to him that Darden values global learning experiences. Now as a second-year student, Nikhil will participate in two Darden.Worldwide. Courses in Costa Rica and the UK next spring to learn about business sustainability practices in these economies.

After graduation, Nikhil is looking to do acquisitions-focused consulting in the healthcare domain, with a long-term goal of working on optimizing healthcare delivery in his home country. Capitalizing on Darden’s healthcare-related elective courses available, Nikhil is fine-tuning his business skills specifically to the healthcare space and, ultimately, can utilize his Darden experience to help create a positive social impact in India, where the vast majority of healthcare services and facilities are located in its cities while its population remains largely rural.

Unable to come up with just one word to describe his Darden experience, Nikhil asserts that “It’s an experience I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere else.”

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Scholar Showcase: Philip van der Made (Class of 2017)

By Lauren Wallacephilip-van-der-made-2

Philip van der Made, currently a second year residential MBA student at Darden, is originally from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He received his M.A. in Elementary Education from Relay Graduate School of Education in 2014, and his B.A. in Economics from Cornell University. Prior to Darden he worked as a teacher in Brooklyn, NY. Philip is the recipient of a Batten Scholarship. While at Darden, Philip has served as President of the European Society, a tutor, and a Second Year Coach. He took a few minutes to share his reflections on his time here thus far:

Philip van der Made came to the United States from the Netherlands to earn his bachelor’s degree, and ten years later, he now has his B.A. in Economics, M.A. in Elementary Education, four years of teaching experience, and a year’s investment in a start-up company under his belt as he currently pursues his MBA at Darden. Philip worked with Teach for America for four years before he decided to switch from the education field to the business world in hopes of creating his own start-up one day. He heard about Darden through a former teaching colleague and was impressed during his visit as a prospective student. As a former teacher, Philip is particularly aware of the value of a good learning environment, and after observing Darden’s case method approach to teaching and learning, he knew Darden was the right choice for him. “The case method forces you to ask the right questions, not just gain a library of knowledge,” Philip explained. Having been so impressed with the class he sat in on as a prospective student, Philip now gets to experience the discussions, the professors, and the case method approach as a Darden student first-hand every day.

Philip has participated in a number of global experiences at Darden, including taking a Darden.Worldwide. Course in Sweden as well as becoming a member of the European Society. Philip chose to do the Sweden course because of its close proximity to his home in the Netherlands, yet was surprised with how different the Swedish business culture is from the Dutch. The experience affirmed how important cultural differences are in global business, and that “the only way to learn that is through interaction, not from reading an article.”

Philip now leads Darden’s European Society as President. “It’s a great place to connect people from Europe,” he explains, although the group’s members are not just European nationals. The Society has doubled its membership by  recruiting members who have an affinity for Europe, not just citizenship there.  The Society has numerous members who are either interested in studying abroad in the region and who have done exchange programs with European schools as undergraduates. Philip’s vision for the Society after he graduates is for it to continue to be a meeting place for Europeans and non-Europeans alike, as well as a catalyst for increasing the Darden pipeline in Europe.

After he graduates from Darden, Philip will be working for Bain & Company, a global consulting firm headquartered in Boston, where he interned last summer. He would like to return to the Netherlands in the next few years, perhaps to work for Bain’s branch in Amsterdam. Reflecting on his Darden experience thus far, Philip stated, “It’s the shared experience that makes the community. That shared experience binds you with alumni as well and allows the alumni to stay connected.”

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Darden in the Green City of Singapore

By Erika Herz, Director of Intellectual Capital, Batten Institute

Darden’s Batten Institute for Entrepreneurship and Innovation recently hosted its Global Innovators’ Roundtable series in Singapore, in collaboration with Temasek Management Services. Through this Roundtable and other Executive Education and Admissions activities, my colleagues and I had a terrific opportunity to learn from Darden alumni and others who are leading innovation and product development activities in their respective Singaporean and Chinese companies. Professor Mike Lenox facilitated a terrific conversation specifically focused on the nature of innovation to achieve sustainability goals.

Singapore was an appropriate location for the discussion given the efforts the small country has made to develop and maintain green spaces for its population. As a few examples:

  • New buildings being constructed are required to incorporate into the design the same amount of vegetation as was removed from the site during construction. The result is a city with vines woven into the exterior of most tall buildings, whether business or residential.
  • The boulevard from the airport is lined with decades-old trees that soothe the eyes and provide the sound of birds from the roadside, even as one is waiting in traffic. My cab driver told me that these elderly trees are cherished and each even has a birth certificate.

Singaporeans rightfully take great pride in stunning natural attractions including Gardens by the Bay with its cloud forest and climate change-related educational exhibits. Singapore Botanic Garden, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, includes an unparalleled walking tour of orchids that is magical by day or night.

The country is a terrific location for Darden activities, and a convenient hub for business leaders from around Asia. As commercial activity and tourism continue to grow, I hope that the island nation will maintain an orientation toward green spaces and seek sustainable development pathways.

To learn more from Professor Michael Lenox about sustainability innovation click here and here.

Professor Mike Lenox prepares for the Global Innovators’ Roundtable with Temasek colleagues

Professor Mike Lenox prepares for the Global Innovators’ Roundtable with Temasek colleagues

Darden alumni Bob Jordan (D ‘08), Matthew Aujla (D’ 01) and Erika Herz (D ’01) at the Global Innovators’ Roundtable

Darden alumni Bob Jordan (D ‘08), Matthew Aujla (D’ 01) and Erika Herz (D ’01) at the Global Innovators’ Roundtable

Global Innovators’ Roundtable participates discuss sustainability innovation challenges

Global Innovators’ Roundtable participants discuss sustainability innovation challenges

Vertical gardens of the Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay

Vertical gardens of the Supertree Grove at Gardens by the Bay

Singapore skyline including the Singapore Flyer, the world’s second highest Ferris wheel

Singapore skyline including the Singapore Flyer, the world’s second highest Ferris wheel

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Alumni, Prospective Students and Business Leaders Meet with Dean Beardsley in Brazil

Earlier this week, Dean Beardsley met with leaders in Sao Paulo, from companies such as Falconi, KPMG, McKinsey and Itau Unibanco. He, and other Darden leaders, also attended a dinner hosted by Marcos Arruda (MBA ’02) with influential alumni in the area, as well as a reception bringing alumni and prospective students together. All events were energizing and exciting, as Darden pursues expanding its influence in the region.

Darden's Dean, Scott Beardsley, stands with Cheryl Jones from Darden Admissions, Marc Johnson, Darden Global Affairs, and alumni in Brazil.

Darden’s Dean, Scott Beardsley, stands with Cheryl Jones from Darden Admissions, Marc Johnson with Darden Global Affairs, and alumni in Brazil.

Dean Beardsley speaks to the Admission and Alumni Reception attendees in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Dean Beardsley speaks to the Admission and Alumni Reception attendees in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Alumni dinner in Sao Paulo

Alumni dinner in Sao Paulo

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Alumni, Prospective Students and Dean Beardsley Gather in Buenos Aires

Darden alumni and prospective students gather together in Buenos Aires for good company, cheer, and discussions about what makes Darden special. Dean Scott Beardsley was onsite too, his first visit to Argentina since becoming Darden’s Dean in summer 2015.

Dean Beardsley, Cheryl Jones, Associate Director of Admissions, and Darden alumni in Buenos Aires at the 14 November Admissions and Alumni Reception

Dean Beardsley, Cheryl Jones, Associate Director of Admissions, and Darden alumni in Buenos Aires at the 14 November Admissions and Alumni Reception

Dean Beardsley and Juan Massot (MBA '13)

Dean Beardsley and Nicholas Massot

Darden alumni and prospective students meet, mingle and share ideas and stories.

Darden alumni and prospective students meet, mingle and share ideas and stories.

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Darden’s Online Global Reach Makes Great Impact

By Joanne Meier and Lauren Wallace

The Darden School extends its thought leadership reach beyond its classroom walls by using online capabilities in several ways. Darden’s executive MBA format includes synchronous distance sessions, an asynchronous course in Business Fundamentals, and learning team meetings between residencies. Darden’s Executive Education also delivers online solutions including hybrid courses with digital program materials, on-demand webinars, and customized short online courses. An online four-course Specialization in Design Thinking and Innovation is also available through Darden Executive Education.

More than 1.1 million people have taken advantage of Darden’s Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) since their launch in 2013. These MOOCs—including course offerings in strategy, design thinking and innovation, leadership and management, marketing, and more—are free self-study courses available to anyone, on-demand from anywhere around the world led by the same top-ranked faculty that reside in Virginia. The popularity and value of the courses continues to grow. Darden’s MOOC courses had over 45,000 enrollments in the first quarter this year, and enjoy some of the highest participation rates of business courses on the Coursera platform.

Online courses and solutions have furthered the global impact of Darden around the world. In early 2016, Darden partnered with online course platform Coursera and Distance Education for Africa to pilot a program to award scholarships to online learners to take a series of five business strategy MOOCs , resulting in the completion of a specialization certificate. 103 business professionals across the African continent participated.

Here are some comments about the truly global Darden experience:



Yael, good morning, My name is Jáed Toledo and I work in a German international bank as Strategic Project Manager. Your classes was very useful, especially 4.4 (Agile, Scrum and Kanban – @~0:11:10). Some of my sponsors (and even the CEO) were recently ‘seduced’ by the word ‘agile’, without knowing the context exactly and that our corporation – really – does not fit the ‘living in the moment culture’ (maybe for improve existing operations, but not for project management). Your approach regarding where this methodology is applicable (and where it is not) was very useful to help me to explain to them the pros and cons (the ‘price’) of Agile. Very best and warm regards from Brazil,

Jáed Toledo



My name is Munyaradzi Mushato from Zimbabwe and i specialise in Human Resources and Business Strategy consulting, targeting mainly start-ups and SMEs.
I am very happy to write this short note of appreciation to the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business , particularly to Professor Edward. R. Freeman, for the insightful and thought-provoking course on New Models of doing business in society. The course has changed and transformed my perception of business from perceiving business as a source of all societal ills to a perspective that business can be a source of true and sustainable prosperity for society as a whole. I learnt a lot of exciting new concepts that are very practical : Social Entrepreneurship, conscious Capitalism and many more which I had never heard about! Thank you very much. I hope to be able to utilise the knowledge in my efforts to make the world a better place to live, particularly through converting pain points into innovative business-based solutions to problems in society.
Much appreciated Professor Freeman and Darden School of Business, keep it up.

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Scholar Showcase: Yuvraj Datt

yuvraj-dattBy Lauren Wallace

Yuvraj Datt, currently a second year residential MBA student at Darden, is originally from India although he spent the last ten years in Singapore. He received his B.E. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Nanyang Technological University in 2010 and previously worked in banking at Credit Suisse. He began researching top MBA graduate programs in the U.S. knowing that he wanted a change in lifestyle and, coming from the big-city feel of Singapore, Yuvraj loved the transition into the smaller-community of Charlottesville.

Yuvraj is the recipient of the Sydney F. Small Memorial Fellowship. Outside of classes, he has gotten involved in the Technology Club, the Darden South Asia Society, and the Global Business and Culture Club where he serves as the VP of Events.

Yuvraj took a few minutes to share his reflections on his time at Darden thus far:

Could you tell me a bit about why you chose to come to Darden and how you heard about the school?

After spending 5 years in the banking industry, working in finance, operations, and technology roles, I wanted to expand my skillset to be able to contribute across a broader range of contemporary industries. I began reaching out to alumni and students from the top MBA schools in the U.S. to refine my business school search. I looked at the academic curriculum, faculty, and career development center of each school, and Darden stood out in all aspects. Darden students went out of their way to connect with me on their educational experience and personal development. I was able to develop a holistic understanding of the Darden classroom experience, realizing the many merits of the case study method towards building practical knowledge of academic concepts. I also met with extremely helpful Darden alumni in Singapore and received invaluable mentorship and advice. Darden soon became my top choice and I was fortunate enough to get in and become a part of its community!

Have you had the chance to get to know any Darden alumni?  How has the network been helpful to you so far?

I met with alumni from a few schools before applying. Those interactions played a huge role in shaping my perspectives about each school’s community and network. As I met with Darden alumni, I was enamored by their humility, intelligence, and willingness to help. My interview was with a Darden alumnus with whom I am still in touch and who I constantly look up to as I proceed with my education and career. At Darden, I have received immense help from alumni at the companies where I was recruiting. One specific alumni interaction comes to mind: When I travelled to Seattle for a company interview, a Darden alumnus at that company reached out on his own to provide helpful feedback on the process. He even invited me home after the interview to talk about future career prospects to see if there was any other ways he could help me.  When I eventually joined the company for my internship, his constant guidance and advice helped me put in my best work and secure a full-time job offer. The Darden network is everywhere and every student and alumnus can look forward the lifelong support structure that it provides.

What are your plans for after Darden? 

I came to business school looking to transition from banking to the consulting or technology industry. Darden provided me a myriad of opportunities to network with top companies and through this process I was able to build a deeper understanding of the roles, functions, and culture at the firms where I was recruiting. The steep learning curve during the first year at the Darden ensured that I was well prepared and confident during the interview process. I eventually decided to join Microsoft for my summer internship, in a Finance Manager role, where I worked on revenue and pricing strategy for Microsoft’s cloud platform. This was a perfect combination of my passion for technology and aspiration to work cross-functionally at a major company on initiatives that are making a big impact on the world we live in. I loved my summer experience and am planning to return full-time to Microsoft.

If there were one word that described your Darden experience, what would it be?


When asked to expand on why his Darden experience has been ‘exhilarating’, Yuvraj described how Darden enabled him to experience and learn from so many different perspectives and, ultimately, empowered him to see his own full potential. “Through everything [at Darden] you become open to so much more and you feel that you can accomplish so much more.”  After he graduates next spring, Yuvraj is eager to participate in the alumni network and hopes to create more opportunities for Darden engagement worldwide.

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Darden Faculty International Activity and Publications Summer 2016

Journal Articles & Books

Scott Baker, Hernandez, Morela, (forthcoming). Communicating with Stakeholders When Bad News is Uncertain. International Journal of Public Leadership.


Presentations & Conferences

Baker, S. & Hernandez, M. (2016). Communicating with stakeholders when bad news is uncertain. Paper was presented at the 19th International Symposium on Ethics, Business and Society, held at IESE, Barcelona, Spain, (July) and at the Academy of Management Conference in Anaheim (August).

Manel Baucells presented the paper “Behavioral Anomalies in Consumer Wait-or-Buy Decisions and Their Implications for Markdown Management” (joint work with Nikolay Osadchiy and Anton Ovchinnikov) at the 28th ECOR conference, Poznan (Poland).

Ming-Jer Chen presented at the Academy of Management’s 2016 Annual Conference in Anaheim in August: 1) “Competitive Dynamics: Eastern Roots, Western Growth,” 2) “Action Creativity in Munificent Competitive Environment: A Moderated Mediation Analysis” (with Hao-Chieh Lin, Wenpin Tsai, and Yu-Sheng Liun, and 3) “Executive Interplay: CEO Dominance and TMT Integration Effect on Competitive Readiness and Performance” (with Hao-Chieh Lin, John Michel, and Kuo-I Chang).

Alex Cowan and MJ Toms presented “The Problem and The Solution” as part of the session ‘Entrepreneurship Within Unique Disciplines’ at RIT’s Global Consortium of Entrepreneurship Centers conference.

Ed Freeman presented “Business Ethics: A Pragmatist Approach”, Wharton-Bergamo conference on business ethics, University of Bergamo, Bergamo, Italy, July.

Ed Freeman presented “Pragmatism and Strategic Management”, IESI Symposium on business ethics, IESI, Barcelona, Spain, July.

Ed Freeman presented “Publishing in the Journal of Business Ethics”, European Group and Organization Studies (EGOS), Naples, Italy, July.

Ed Freeman presented “CSR in a Digitized World”, Panel Discussion at Humboldt University Conference on Corporate Social Responsibility, Berlin, Germany, September.

Ed Freeman presented “The New Story of Business”, ESMT business school, Berlin, Germany, September.

Ed Freeman presented “Responsible Capitalism”, Sherbrooke University Business School, Sherbrooke, Canada, September.

Ed Freeman presented “Responsible Capitalism:  Governance and Ethics”, Fundacao Dom Cabral, Global Thinkers Summit, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, September.

Ed Freeman presented “Responsible Capitalism”, Pontificia Universitat Catholica Minas, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, September. 

Ed Freeman presented “Stakeholder Theory and the Third Sector”, Child Fund Brazil, Belo Horizonte, Brazil, September.

Ed Freeman presented “Making Business Better”, graduation speech at Sherbrooke University, School of Business Graduation ceremony, Sherbrooke, Canada, September.

Mary Gentile conducted a series of workshops and seminars related to Giving Voice to Values in Australia in September. This included a workshop at the Palliative Care Nurses conference in Canberra; two sessions on “How to use Giving Voice to Values in your teaching” in Sydney; an academic symposium “Philosophical Moorings of Giving Voice to Values” in Sydney; and a UNDA professional development session.

Mary Gentile gave a keynote talk “Managing Diversity Giving Voice to Values” at Singapore Management University’s conference for corporate representatives, Inclusiveness by Choice in September.

Hernandez, M. , Guarana, C. L., & Halgin, D. (2016).  “An Empirical Examination of the Performance Outcomes of Stewardship Behavior.”  Paper was presented at the 19th International Symposium on Ethics, Business and Society, held at IESE, Barcelona, Spain (July) and at the Academy of Management Conference in Anaheim, August.

Guarana, C. L. & Hernandez, M. (2016). “The Role of Identified Ambivalence in Ethical Decision-making Processes.” Paper presented at the 19th International Symposium on Ethics, Business and Society, held at IESE, Barcelona, Spain, July.

Noval, L. & Hernandez, M. (2016). “Motivated Reasoning and Self-serving Resource Allocation: The Moderating Role of Social Dominance Orientation.” Paper presented at the 19th International Symposium on Ethics, Business and Society, held at IESE, Barcelona, Spain, July.

Pedro Matos presented “Asset Management within Commercial Banks Worldwide: International Evidence “at Texas A&M University (September 2016) and Villanova University, October.

Pedro Matos presented “International Corporate Governance Spillovers: Evidence from Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions” at the European Finance Association meetings, Oslo, Norway, August.

Michael Schill was a discussant at the Northern Finance Association, Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada in September.

Andy Wicks presented “Value Creation for Stakeholders: Theory Development and The Case of Multi-Stakeholder Initiatives” at University College, Dublin and University of Bath, UK.



Ed Freeman was awarded the “Honoris Causa Doctorate”, Sherbrooke University, Sherbrooke, Montreal, Canada

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Scholar Showcase: Siming Xu

siming-xu-picture_smallBy Lauren Wallace

Siming Xu, currently a second year residential MBA student at Darden, is originally from Shanghai, China. He received his M.A. in Structural Engineering from Tongji University in 2009 and previously worked in the building and construction industry across Singapore, China and the U.S. Siming is the recipient of Class 1972 Scholarship and serves the VP of Events for the Global Business & Culture Club at Darden, and is also actively involved in the Asia Business Club, Consulting Club, General Management Club and Pride at Darden.  He took a few minutes to share his reflections on his time in Charlottesville so far:

Could you tell me a bit about why you chose to come to Darden and how you heard about the school?

I knew that I wanted a great learning experience at business school and to learn from passionate faculty and I found that at Darden. Being an introvert by nature, I wanted to challenge myself to speak up in public and realized that the case method could help.  The case-study environment has really encouraged me to actively participate in many class discussions. I feel myself being transformed on a daily basis. In addition, personally, I enjoy the historic and beautiful nature of Charlottesville and its neighboring sites such as Shenandoah National Park and Monticello.  Charlottesville is the ideal place to learn about the history of the nation and its culture and Darden is the ideal place for me to grow both professionally and personally.

Could you tell me about your involvement in the Shanghai Investing Summit and your thoughts on Darden’s engagement in China?

I participated in two Shanghai Investing Summits, one before coming to Darden and the second between my first and second years at Darden.  For the second one, I was part of the organizing team, helping with the logistics and coordinating with guest speakers. I was really impressed by the great attendance and the enormous effort Darden put forth to engage with China during its social and economical transformation. For each event, Darden invited influential people from both the government and the private sectors to offer their views and opinions on the most discussed economical topics in China and around the world.

What is the most unexpected thing you’ve learned from studying at Darden thus far?

The most unexpected thing I have learned is the value of a sharing culture. Here at Darden, we have learning teams sharing our knowledge of the learning cases; we have professors and students in the class sharing their perspectives of a certain topic from their diverse educational and professional backgrounds; we have Darden second years sharing with first years their career goals, recruiting tips or general tips about life at Darden; and we have our career advisors from CDC (Career Development Center) making every effort to assist us on career life identification and realization. The sharing culture has helped shape my value in a business world and more importantly made me realize the power of giving and receiving.

Have you had the chance to get to know any Darden alumni?  How has the network been helpful to you so far?

Yes, the Darden alumni network is one of the strongest among business schools. I happened to get to know many Darden alumni from either the Shanghai Investing Summit, or the company campus briefings at Darden or simply the alumni get-together events. Alumni will always be available for us even when their schedules are already packed- it is such a wonderful surprise and honor to have their full support! Through the alumni network, I am able to know the culture and career trajectories of various companies, and, with their help, I landed my internship and full-time career.

What are your plans for after Darden? 

I plan to further my career in General Management practice. After Darden, I will join Danaher in its General Management Leadership Program, starting with a role in Global Market Strategy. I would like to try various roles in a business and grow together with the business. These experiences will prepare me well for my goal of becoming a future leader in either a large corporation or my own business.

Pick one word or phrase to describe your Darden experience?


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