EMBA Career Support: 5 Ways to Avoid Disappointment

Deciding which MBA program is right for you can be a challenging, thought-provoking process. It requires evaluating where you are in your career, where you hope to be in the future and if you can make the time to pursue an MBA.

The MBA for Executives and Global MBA for Executives formats at Darden are great options if you have over seven years of professional experience and wish to advance your career by moving up in your company, switching jobs or starting your own business.  It is important when choosing a program to ensure that the stated goals of the program serve to bring you closer to your personal career goals.

In his article, “EMBA Career Support: 5 Ways to Avoid Disappointment,” Daniel Szpiro draws from his 18 years of experience with Executive MBA programs to provide a list of career-related questions to ask business schools when searching for the right MBA program for you.

His five major points are as follows:

  • Match your career goals to the MBA program
  • Understand hiring practices
  • Do your homework
  • Use the services you are provided
  • Accept that you own your career

Read the full article for additional information on career management support and visit the EMBA Career Advancement page on the Darden website to learn about the career resources provided at Darden.

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