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Darden’s largest ever Alumni Reunion took place this past weekend with over 800 attending.

Our Institute for Business in Society (IBiS) sponsored two events: 1) a pharmaceutical industry-focused case discussion integrating Ethics and Finance considerations, led by Professors Jared Harris and Mark Lipson, and 2) our 3rd annual gathering of “Alumni in Mission-Driven Careers”.

About 50 alumni whose careers and volunteer work focus on social and environmental impact, shared their experiences with one another, and were delighted to find meaningful intersections. Their roles span renewable energy, corporate social responsibility, education, and nonprofits in a variety of areas. Many have titles that don’t indicate how social and environmental efforts are part of their “day jobs.” For example, participants included a brand manager of channel development and consumer packaged goods for a well-known coffee brand, and a director of global business process for one of the world’s largest retailers. Both are paying attention to the potential impact of natural resource limitations, and the opportunities inherent in efficiency throughout their companies’ value chain.

Darden alumni in nonprofit roles also shared their experiences at organizations like The Asia Society, Girls on the Run, and The Sunshine Foundation. As nonprofits increasingly partner with companies to achieve mutual aims, and are pressured by donors for concretely measured outcomes, MBA skills can be invaluable.

As this and this recent article about Darden in Triple Pundit’s The MBA Series reflects, today’s MBAs see congruity between making money and making a difference. And the world needs them!

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