MilanGreetings from Charlottesville! The leaves have started to turn, and we are enjoying the beautiful fall colors of the Blue Ridge Mountains. This is Kathi and Haley, the European recruitment team. Kathi just returned from some exciting adventures in Europe—she visited Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Milan, Lisbon, Madrid, and London. Photos from Frankfurt, Milan, and Lisbon are included in this blog post. We also have events coming up in Moscow and Copenhagen (visit Events & Receptions for more information). It is an exciting time as we travel the globe and share what Darden is all about. We were also very fortunate to have some of our faculty and numerous alumni attend the events to represent the School. They served as wonderful resources for the prospective students’ questions regarding the case study method, entrepreneurship, the benefits of a general management degree, and recruiting opportunities.

And there is so much here on Grounds to enjoy—we recently hosted the annual International Food Festival, which is always a crowd-pleaser, not to mention the U2 concert earlier this month. Bono came with an unbelievable stage set-up and quite an entourage! As you can see, we really do have the best of both worlds, and we hope to see you in Cville soon.

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions!

Kathi Grant, Assistant Director of Admissions

Haley Whitlock Gyory, Associate Director of Admissions

Lisbon Frankfurt