Darden Students Debate the Effects of the Oil Spill

A unique aspect of the Darden academic experience is the case method style of learning. Everyday Darden students discuss real business problems and potential solutions. What better way to introduce the Class of 2012 to the case method then to tackle a current event that is sure to have huge repercussions for years and possibly decades to come: the oil spill in the Gulf Region.

Darden Professor Erika James, along with case writer Gerry Yemen and multimedia producer Stace Carter, created two multimedia cases this summer that First Year students debated last week. The cases challenged students to think through the complexity of the oil spill crisis and to consider the views of various stakeholders, from the owner of a net and tackle shop to the executive director of the Louisiana Seafood Promotion and Marketing Board.

Learn more about the new cases by reading the “New Darden Cases Probe America’s Largest Oil Spill” article or by watching the following video about the case:

After the Oil Spills: Deepwater Horizon Case Study – Preview

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  1. Azalea says:

    Theirs a lot of effects of oil spill as well as in our economy. Oil leaks and spills don’t just affect marine life they have also a direct impact on humans after the initial media frenzy has died down. Some Alaskan communities were affected by the Exxon Valdez disaster as important commercial fishing and hunting grounds were contaminated for an extended period. Tourism was also affected.

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