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2010 Value Investing Conference

By Arielle Greene-

All Darden prospective students and applicants are invited to attend the 3rd Annual Value Investing Conference on October 28-29, free of charge. Jointly hosted by the University of Virginia Darden School of Business and the McIntire School of Commerce, the Value Investing Conference assembles the investing public, professional investors, scholars and students in the field of value investing to highlight best practices, honor best practitioners, and discuss new trends and developments in the field. The conference is centered around the theme “Reset or Recovery? The Macroeconomy and Value Investing,” and will explore whether or not the recent economic crisis will result in a U-shaped recovery or a profound “reset.”

The conference will be a great opportunity for prospective students and applicants to meet current Darden students and alumni and to become acquainted with the University of Virginia community.

For event details, visit the Value Investing Conference website.

To register, please e-mail Deanne Rhynard at RhynardD@Darden.Virginia.edu.