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Darden Named a Top B-School for Sustainability and Green Business by Entrepreneur Magazine

By Arielle Greene-

Entrepreneur magazine lists the Darden School of Business as a top business school for students interested in sustainability and “green business.” The article includes the following information about Darden:

Green Curriculum: Darden offers a second-year concentration on sustainability, including 19 courses that at least partially focus on environmental topics. Many of the school’s signature overseas Global Business Experiences focus on sustainable companies.

Bragging Rights: Darden hosts the Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability, a group that holds an annual sustainability conference and works to advance rigorous academic research on corporate sustainability issues by providing data, tools and networking opportunities to researchers.

Star Tree Hugger: Professor Andrea Larson, who teaches about sustainability, gave congressional testimony on U.S. trade in green technology.

Local Impact: In 2008, Darden set a goal to become a zero waste, zero carbon enterprise by 2020. The school sources up to 60 percent of its cafeteria food locally during the growing season.

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