Admissions Q&A: Interview Invitation Timeline and Interview Day Activities

Each Wednesday at 12:30 -1:00 p.m. (ET), Darden hosts a weekly online chat for prospective students. Here is the transcript from today’s chat:

Question: Is there any update at this time on domestic Round 2 interview invitations?

Answer: Invitations to interview go out in batches.  Some invitations have gone out now. We will continue to extended invitations and interview right up until the decision deadline.

Question: Can you please share information on when interview invitations for candidates in India will be sent?

Answer: I believe invitations will go out shortly to Indian candidates.  We do some of those interviews via Skype with Student Admissions Committee or Adcom members and others with alumni in India based on their availability.

Question: If I don’t get an interview invitation, will the online application page mention something like “not selected for interview”?

Answer: In that case, your status would not change until the decision deadline.  And, then you would see that you’d been denied.  But, heads up, be positive.  Hopefully, you’ll receive a “good news” message!

Question: I have scheduled my interview and class visit for next week. Can I attend some of the events offered the day before my interview? Do I have to register for those events?

Answer: Typically there is an opportunity for lunch and a tour from 1:30 to 2:30 p.m.  Candidates generally sign up when they arrive in the Admissions Office.

If I understand your situation, you are wanting to participate the day before you interview.  I suggest you e-mail to confirm that we will have lunch and tour that day.  If we do, you can just come in and sign up that morning.  No need to preschedule — there’s no limit on the number of individuals who can attend.

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