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Admissions Q&A: Case Method, General Management Curriculum and Career Development Services

By Darden Admissions-

Question: How regular is interaction between first year students and their career consultants? Is there a limit to one-on-one access?

Answer: Our career consultants are very accessible. They will offer one-on-one advising, group workshops and will teach one of your classes. They are also present at First Coffee every morning for short conversations. Keep in mind you will also have a Second Year coach who was successful the year prior in whatever job market you are hoping to enter.

Question: Do career coaches assist in internship and job placements? What are the top 2-3 job markets/industries that Darden graduates enter?

Answer: Second Year coaches assist with the internship process, and Career Development Center staff assist with both internship and job placements. The top 2-3 industries for Darden students are consulting and general management. Banking is becoming less popular.

Question: The website talks about using the case method as the teaching approach. Can you give us some additional insight or talk to Darden’s academic strengths?

Answer: There is SO much I could say about the case method. That is a highlight of the Darden experience. Each day our students prepare 3 cases for class the following day. After you prepare your cases, you will meet with your learning team, go back over your cases and then show up for class the next day ready to present your decision. Faculty will call on students to share their ideas. Rather than learning from a lecturer, students learn from one another in addition to the faculty member.

Question: Is the program tailored to a student’s background and experience?

Answer: Darden is a general management school, and all of our students are required to spend the entire First Year focusing on the core curriculum. You are not able to opt out of accounting because you are an accountant. At Darden, we focus on teams and helping each other out, so there will be some classes that you will teach others and other classes when you will be taught. At the very end of your First Year and during your Second Year you will be taking all electives and can cater your classes toward your specific interests.

Question: I was reading on your website about the recent implementation of ”Capstone Leadership Experience” in the Spring of 2011. Can you talk a little bit about the feedback you have received from students after this innovation to the curriculm?

Answer: The Capstone project changes every year in response to student feedback from the year before. This past year, the students competed in a marketing simulation where they competed against each other, and I have heard a lot of positive feedback.