The Role of Water in Business and Sustainability

Darden offers over 15 elective courses that solely or partially focus on sustainability and ethical leadership/decision-making. Three of these courses are tailored towards MBA students interested in learning more about how water impacts global business and sustainability around the world.

  • Global Economies of Water: This cross-disciplinary course, debuting in the spring of 2014, will focus on sustainability through the lens of water and economics. Students will learn how globalization interacts with water availability, how water usage interlocks with sustainable development, how water can be managed more efficiently and if there is a role for water markets in business.
  • Sustainable Innovation and Enterpreneurship: This course provides students with practical information on the growing frontier of innovation and entrepreneurial activity at the nexus of business and natural systems. Last fall, Professor Andy Larson invited Jon Freedman, global leader in government relations for GE Power and Water, and Francesca McCann, managing director for Global Water Strategies, to speak to the class about the state of the world’s water supply, future technologies that could increase water availability around the world, and opportunities to invest in water stocks and water-focused companies.
  • Business and Sustainability: This course provides students with a comprehensive conceptual and applied understanding of the sustainability challenges and opportunities facing corporations on a global scale with primary emphasis on environmental sustainability. Students in the class explore the effectiveness of for-profit and non-profit partnerships in support of global sustainability, focusing on the progress made through the World Wildlife Fund and Coca-Cola in restoring several of the world’s most important river basins.

Learn more about these courses by reading the full article: “New Darden Classes, Cases and Connections Immerse MBA Students in H2O,” or visit the Darden Sustainability website to learn about sustainability courses, events, career opportunities and more in the MBA program.

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