Admissions Q&A: Global Executive MBA, Class Visits, Next Year’s Application Cycle

QuestionI’m interested in the Global MBA for Executives. Is it is full-time or part-time?

Answer: The GEMBA format includes both in-person international residencies and distance learning. The residencies occur at various locations around the world and the distance learning happens weekly. Students are categorized as full-time students, but are able to work full time while they earn their MBA. The program duration is 21 months.

Question: How does the visa application work for those living internationally?

Answer: The visas are a bit unusual because you are a student living in your home country, but you are required to travel for certain periods for classes. Some students try for a traditional F-1 that requires refiling for every residency period. A tourist visa may work because of the shortened time period and it meets the criteria. The University of Virginia’s international student center will work with you to see which visa is going to work best for you and meet the requirements for the state departments.

QuestionHow long is each international residency?

Answer: The international residencies currently last for two weeks. You will travel to six different locations throughout the course of two years.

QuestionI was wondering if you know about when the dates will be released for Fall 2013 application deadlines and campus visits for the full-time MBA?

Answer: We have not set our application deadline yet. Those dates should come out this summer, usually late June. For class and campus visits, check back on our website periodically for updates. We’ll post our fall dates in late summer.

QuestionWhat is the best day of the week to visit UVA Darden?

Answer: Monday – Thursday; there are very few classes on Fridays and you definitely should sit in on a class.

Question:  Can you elaborate a little about the July Fridays’ visiting program?

Answer:  I recommend Fridays in July for those who want to visit during a more relaxed time of year where you simply are learning more about the school. We will list dates and registration links on the Admissions Events web page soon.

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