Darden Class of 2013 Reaches 100% Participation in Class Gift Giving

The Darden Class of 2013 celebrates graduation on the steps of Saunders Hall

Alumni giving rates are often viewed as a way to judge the strength of a school’s alumni network.

The Darden School of Business reached 100% participation in class gift giving for the Class of 2013. Every graduating student in the three formats of Darden’s MBA — the full-time MBA, MBA for Executives and Global MBA for Executives — donated to the annual fund, contributing a total of $205,420 to the Darden School.

Darden alumni have one of the top five highest giving participation rates among the world’s leading business schools: 42% of Darden alumni made a gift to the School in fiscal year 2012, with 41% of alumni contributing to the Annual Fund. Seventeen alumni classes — two more than last year — achieved at least 50% participation in the fund.

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  1. James says:

    That’s pretty cool that they got 100% participation! When I was in the Marines we would have 100% participation on donations from time to time too but it was semi forced

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