Admissions Q&A: Next Year’s Application Cycle, Executive MBA and Visiting Darden

Each week, prospective students have the opportunity to chat with a member of the Darden Admissions Committee. These online chats take place every Wednesday from 12:30 – 1:00 Eastern Time. To participate, simply enter the chat room when the chat starts.

Here is a transcript from this week’s chat:

Question: Hi, I am considering applying for the Executive MBA for the Class of 2016.  Will the applications timing be similar for the next cycle?

Answer: Yes, I expect the timing of the EMBA application cycle to be similar to this past year when we had application deadlines on the 15th of every month beginning in October and ending in June.

Question: When will the full-time MBA application essay questions become available online?

Answer:  The full time MBA application essay questions should be available toward the end of the month.

Question: Are there events in August (such as Fridays in July) when prospective students can come visit Darden?

Answer: We do not have any events in August, because that is the time that students are returning to Grounds, meeting each other and getting acclimated to the Darden culture. It isn’t the best time for us to introduce guests. But, we will be resuming events the first week of September, if not in the last few days of August. You are always welcome to swing by the Admissions office, though, and speak to a member of our team.

Question: Is there a Darden counselor that can specifically speak with me about G.I. Bill?

Answer: Yes, you should email

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