Admissions Dean Video Blog: Resources for Darden Partners

In today’s video blog, Assistant Dean of MBA Admissions Sara Neher spends some time discussing the resources available for students who anticipate moving to Charlottesville with a partner or family member.

Admissions Dean Video Blog: Darden Partners Association

Darden partners and families are an important part of our community. Not only do they provide support to their students while at Darden, but they are also very active in supporting the Darden School and the Charlottesville area.

The Darden Partners Association is an organization run by Darden student partners who organize volunteer efforts and social activities, and also provide job and childcare resources.

Learn more about Darden Partners and Families on our website, or read the following partner blogs to learn more about their experiences living and working in Charlottesville:

Darden Partner Blogs

Agnes Filipowski
Agnes Filipowski

Hometown: Troy, MI
Undergrad: Michigan State University
Current Position: Temp’ing for UVA and freelance writer/editor


Whitney Robertson

Hometown: McLean, VA
Undergrad: University of Virginia
Current Position: Fundraising for a medical research nonprofit with a background in museum collections management


Shivon Scott
Shivon Scott

Hometown: Newark, NJ
Undergrad: Cornell University
Current Position: Program manager in Darden’s i.Lab Incubator


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