BizBasics: Quick Lessons Taught by Darden’s Top-Ranked Faculty

We invite you to watch these short, easy-to-understand business lessons taught by Darden’s top faculty, who are known for their focus on high-engagement teaching and accessibility. These four- to five-minute videos cover a variety of topics ranging from the investing strategies to tax planning to venting in the workplace.

The Rule of 72

Learn about the Rule of 72 — quick calculations for doubling your money, your Twitter followers and other applications.

BizBasics: “The Rule of 72” with Peter Rodriguez

Eat Well or Sleep Well — Should I Buy Stocks or Bonds?

What is the difference between purchasing stocks or bonds? Professor, Ken Eades makes learning easy with this illustrated video. Learn about long term investing strategies and start your path to financial well-being.

BizBasics: “Eat Well or Sleep Well” (Should I Buy Stocks or Bonds?) with Ken Eades

Taxes: Keeping More Money

Learn three tips to keep more money in your pocket when investing. Professor Mary Margaret Frank explains tax planning for better returns in this edition of BizBasics.

BizBasics: “Taxes: Keeping More Money” with Mary Margaret Frank

Workplace Venting

There is no getting around workplace venting! Learn how to receive help when you have a problem at work and how to give help when someone comes to vent to you.

BizBasics: “Workplace Venting” with Kristin Behfar

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