Building a Strong Community for Women MBAs

Darden was recently recognized for being the most collaborative MBA community for women by Nerd Scholar. Through Darden’s Graduate Women in Business (GWiB) club and the “Wednesday 10s” program (see below for information), Darden provides a supportive network for women MBAs and facilitates conversations happening around issues and challenges women face in their careers.

Ashley Oost-Lievense, President of GWIB, and Alison Stewart, VP Networking, discuss the resources GWiB offers to students below:

“The mission and purpose of the GWiB club is to provide members with awareness, resources, support and a cohesive network. As an organization, we have always promoted collaboration among female students, faculty and administration at the Darden School through networking and club events.

Some of our organization’s most popular events for women MBAs at Darden include Wednesday 10s and Diversity dinners, which encourage members to celebrate and learn about one another’s backgrounds over delicious food!

Additionally, just this past year, in an effort to extend our collaborative efforts, we have also invited men to join the club as part of a pilot program to explore better ways broaden the understanding and support for women in the workplace. This has been a really exciting initiative and we look forward to seeing how it develops with future GWiB members.

Wednesday 10s provide an opportunity for women in the Darden community — students, staff and faculty — to have real conversations about what it means to be a woman in the business world. In these sessions women share examples of situations they’ve faced in the past and provide valuable takeaways on how to even the playing field and be more confident business women.”

Learn more about resources for women at Darden.

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