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Balancing an MBA and Family Life at Darden

By Darden Admissions-

Students with partners and families are a large part of Darden’s close-knit community. The Darden Partners Association is an organization run by Darden student partners who organize volunteer efforts, plan social activities and provide job and childcare resources to partners and families.

Second Year student Phil Gover was recently featured on mba.com. In his video blog below, Phil explains how he was able to balance pursuing an MBA and family life with his partner and seven-year old son:

Balancing an MBA and Family Life

“Business school is going to change your life. You’re going to quit your job, you’re going to throw yourself into this place where everything’s new, and you’ll have a lot of ‘free time,’ but none of it is really free.

There’s always something you can be doing — and that’s true with your school work, with your internship search, with your extracurricular life, with your social life, with taking care of yourself in terms of the gym, and also in terms of your family life — so make priorities and find new ways to connect. Appreciate that in terms of your family, you’ll be able to connect with them as a student in a way that you might not ever get a chance to again once you go back to the full-time working world.”

Phil Gover
MBA Class of 2014

This video is used with permission from the Graduate Management Admission Council. To hear from more students, visit www.mba.com.

Learn more about Partners and Families at Darden on our website.