Dean’s Blog Post: “Women in Business and the Role of Business Schools”

Following a series of events that included a meeting with business school deans at The White House and reading Sheryl Sandburg’s Lean In, Dean Bob Bruner reflected on growing gender equality in business in his recent blog post.

In discussing the opportunity for a greater representation of women in business, he writes:

“The presence of women itself is hugely transformational — on business and on the schools that train women leaders. […] Our experience at Darden shows that even modest increases in the enrollment of women can have a transformational impact on the character and culture of the educational program. Greater representation of women in classrooms, learning teams, and project groups changes the conversation: richer, more diverse, and greater respect for differences. Students (women and men) report higher levels of satisfaction with the learning experience. Faculty report better classroom and team results. And corporate recruiters report greater satisfaction with the pool of talent they encounter.”

To learn more about the challenges and opportunities he sees in growing gender equality, read his full post: “Women in Business and the Role of Business Schools.”

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  1. EssaySnark says:

    Sorry to be the Edit Police but her name is misspelled; it’s Sheryl Sandberg.

  2. EssaySnark says:

    LOL – closer! But it’s not “Sanburg” nor is it “Sandburg” – it’s “Sheryl Sandberg”. 🙂

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