Darden Students Tackle Education Challenges in Summer Internships

This summer, Darden students Rafe Steinhauer, Kat O’Neill and Gaines Johnson are interning at mission-driven organizations focused on Education. The three students are enrolled in the MBA/Master of Education dual-degree program “Innovation in Education Reform.”

This summer they are doing education internships at:

  • Building Excellent Schools, a Los Angeles organization that develops urban school leaders and helps establish high-performing schools in America’s poorest communities
  • Education Pioneers, a San Francisco-based organization committed to developing a pipeline of leaders to address the achievement gap in the U.S. education system.
  • The Parthenon Group, a Boston consulting firm whose client list includes an education technology company that aims to create classroom assessment and teaching solutions for classrooms across the United States.

“I came to this degree program with an inspired passion to pursue a career in education specifically addressing inequity in the U.S. education system,” O’Neil said. “In my work this summer, I am continually inspired and motivated by the individuals in Oakland working tirelessly to improve education for their students, which is by no means an easy task, but a critical one nonetheless.”

The MBA/M.Ed. program is offered through a partnership between the Darden School of Business and the Curry School of Education.  It is designed to teach students how to apply business principles to devise solutions for challenges facing education.

Read the full story on the student’s unique experiences and visit the Dual Degrees page for a complete list of dual-degree programs available at Darden.

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