Career Update: Darden’s December Job Treks

Last month, over 100 Darden students flew out to New York City and San Francisco to participate in our annual Week on Wall Street and San Francisco Job Treks. During these job treks, students had the opportunity to speak with company recruiters and Darden alumni currently employed by major tech & finance firms such as J. P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Deutsche Bank, Google, Twitter and Facebook.


San Francisco Job Trek participants posing with Google’s Android Androids

The San Francisco Job Trek, led by Darden representatives Tiffany Gutshall and Chequeta Allen, was attended by over 50 Darden First-Year students interested in careers in the tech industry. The tech industry represents a growing segment of graduating Darden MBAs, with 15% of the Class of 2015 going into full time employment in the industry (up from 4% in 2009). With the tech industry hiring an increasing share of graduating MBAs, our students were very enthusiastic for the opportunity to network with employees of top Bay-Area tech firms like Electronic Arts, eBay, Twitter, Facebook, Google, LinkedIn and HP.


Darden students at Electronic Arts.

                Meanwhile, in New York, Darden students, led by the Career Development Center’s Ed Yu, visited some of Darden’s top hiring companies from the financial sector. Among these companies were Wells Fargo, Morgan Stanley, Rothschild, J. P. Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Barclays, Citi, Jefferies, Deutsche Bank and more. The financial industry has long been one of the top recruiters at Darden, often taking in up to a quarter of the graduating class, and boasting an average base salary of nearly $125,000 for graduating MBAs (preliminary figures for Darden Class of 2016).


Darden students networking at J. P. Morgan office in NYC

                Aside from the Tech Trek in San Francisco and the Week on Wall Street, Darden students participated in several other student-led job treks in December, visiting New York, Philadelphia, Seattle and Washington D.C. to meet with leading companies in Retail, Media, Entertainment and Consumer Products industries. Moreover, participants in these treks were able to hand select the companies they wanted involved, and were able to visit acclaimed organizations such as NBC Universal, HBO, the New York Times, Twitter NYC and the Brooklyn Nets.


Darden students meeting with HBO’s marketing team to discuss the promotion of the upcoming show Vinyl.


Twitter’s NYC office


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