Student Profile: Justin Tang

Justin Tang (MBA ’17) is a member of our Student Admissions Committee.


1. Why did you decide to get your MBA? – I worked for a management consulting firm the past 4 years but found myself in the passenger seat of my own career. While I appreciated the perks of the job and some really interesting projects, I didn’t want several years to fly by without controlling my own career path. I wasn’t convinced managing client relationships and accounts were right for me in the long run.  So, I decided to take a step back and pursue an MBA because it offered me the opportunity re-evaluate my career opportunities with the support of an incredible community.

2. Why did you pick Darden? – I chose Darden because I knew the program would be rigorous. One student put it like this for me: Putting together your recommendations for each case by yourself, during Learning Team, and in Section, gives you the chance to speak and defend your position three times. Now multiply that by the hundreds of cases we do at Darden. What better simulation is there for actual business meetings when the decision-making process is rapid and fluid?

3. Once you got here, what made Darden feel like home? – The people; I’ve met wonderful friends here who I would want at my wedding (thankfully they’re patient too). I also loved some of the late Summer/early Fall events like watching the sunset at Carter Mountain—what an incredible view.

4. What do you like to do in Charlottesville in your free time? – I’m a pretty simple guy. I enjoy getting in a swim workout, playing basketball with classmates, or getting in a round of golf at the course. My Charlottesville bucket list includes enjoying a few backpacking trips out in Shenandoah this Spring.

5. Name one unexpected thing about yourself. – Secretly, nature freaks me out. While camping, the last thing that goes through my head is all of the bugs crawling around me….andddd good night.


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