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Darden’s First Resilience Week for Mental Health and Well Being

By Susannah Fuller-

Darden is proudly beginning our first Resilience Week on grounds today with the aim of establishing an institution-wide foundation for helping members of the Darden community become more resilient individuals and business leaders, and bringing awareness to a wide range of issues thoughtfully within a diverse – and internationally diverse – community.

Darden students, faculty and staff are hosting a number of events each day this week, and all are invited to attend as much of the programming as possible, some of which includes:

  • A facilitated discussion processing what it means to be a woman at Darden, considering topics such as identity, leading with confidence and practicing resilience as a high-performer.
  • A workshop exploring how to use sports psychology or visualization techniques in job interviews, negotiations and business scenarios.
  • A townhall focusing on the theme of resilience in the personal experiences of LGBTQ Darden students after coming out and re-entering society.

Driven by a passion for well-being, MBA Class of 2018 student Catherine Aranda spearheaded the initiation of Darden’s first Resilience Week. After a number of years in the non-profit sector, Catherine discovered Darden through the MLT. Although she credits the stress of preparing for the GMAT for her initial forays into mindfulness, health and mental wellness became significant to Catherine after heading into college immediately following the loss of her mother.

Resilience Week is not an isolated week at Darden, but is part of a greater thoughtfulness on how the school and how each student can help support one another through a more comprehensive mental health and wellness program.