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Charlottesville for The Sports Fan

By Susannah Fuller-

With UVA eligible for a bowl game for the first time in six years and basketball season just starting up, now is the perfect time to hop on the Cavalier bandwagon! Let me assure you, being a UVA sports fan is not for the faint of heart. I’ve been cheering for the Hoos practically since birth (my dad graduated from the College in ’81 and my mom was born and raised in Charlottesville). There have been plenty of heartbreaks and setbacks over the years, but that just makes the wins all the sweeter.

Since starting at Darden last year and becoming a Wahoo in my own right, I’ve been able to attend many football and basketball games with section mates, learning team members, and the rest of the Darden crew. There’s nothing quite like singing the Good Ole Song, a chant we sing each time UVA scores a touchdown, on a crisp fall day on the hill (that’s the grassy area of the stadium reserved for students) at Scott stadium. Any student gets in free with their ID card (no scrambling for a seat!), and companies often host tailgates at the Darden plot before games with great food and beer. Tailgates are a great chance for our community to come together and blow off some steam. Similarly, I’ve loved cheering on our basketball team in John Paul Jones Arena. Last February, my learning teammates and I wrapped up our learning team meeting early to watch the Hoos defeat Louisville. Our head coach Tony Bennett is truly a class act and exemplifies the commitment we hold to honor here at UVA, and there’s a great level of excitement each time I watch a game. With recent national championships in tennis, soccer and baseball, among others, and easy access to games, sports lovers (and those who just like cheering them on) will be right at home in Charlottesville.

Written by Kali McFarland, MBA Class of 2018