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Hanna Dobbels on Darden’s Community Outreach at the Ronald McDonald House

By Susannah Fuller-

Darden students weave themselves into the community in so many ways. From structured, student-led organizations like the Community Consultants at Darden and Building Goodness in April, to individual acts of outreach, they continually impact society around them. Hanna Dobbels, a current Executive MBA student in our Charlottesville section shared one such experience with us:

Image of Hanna DobbelsI’m a Class of 2019 Executive MBA candidate and founder/owner of barre.[d] studio in Charlottesville, Virginia. Over the years, I have been collaborating with local charities and organizations in an effort to use my business offerings as a way of giving back. One of these organizations I’ve partnered with is The Ronald McDonald House in Charlottesville. RMH is an amazing organization that has helped the lives of so many in our community – it has held a special part of my heart and work over the years. One of RMH’s main goals is to keep families close. Through the help of volunteers, hard-working staff, donations and support, RMH is able to provide housing and meals every night to families going through some of the most difficult times and challenges in their lives.

I began my journey at Darden in the fall of 2017 and was elected Community Chair for class of 2019. While we are all pressed for time, my goal within this role is to create the space to give back as business leaders in an effort to grow our love for the community and for one another. One of Darden’s strengths is creating leaders that move towards greatness, and, in an age where time has become such a coveted resource, I believe that being generous of ourselves opens the door to build value within our communities.

After a quick email to RMH Cville, I scheduled a night for our Charlottesville class to prepare a meal for the house. My classmates jumped at this opportunity to cook together! Not only did our experience bring a sense of pride and joy to our hearts, but it reminded us of the importance of taking time to make an impact. After having just finished a class in Operations and Process Analysis, we joked how our cooking skills lacked efficiency and identified various bottlenecks throughout the process of making a hot and fresh stir fry dinner. I guess that’s what business school does to your brain 😊

Take the time to check out The Ronald McDonald House in Charlottesville for more ways to volunteer and give back. It will fill your cup and make a difference in ways you never know!

Written by Hanna Dobbels, EMBA Class of 2019