The Darden Employment Report Has Arrived!

By Brett Twitty-

Hot off the (virtual) presses and just in time for the holidays, the UVA Darden MBA Employment Report has arrived! The report includes a variety of career data for our Full-Time MBA Classes of 2018 and 2019, and it is essentilal reading for any prospective student considering Darden. Here are a few of our favorite takeaways from the report:

Record-breaking compensation. The Class of 2018 landed the highest compensation of any Darden graduating class with an average base salary of $127,767 and an average signing bonus of $35,430.

Top five. If you’re a close reader of the Darden Report, you already know this, but it’s worth repeating. The top five employers of 2018 graduates were McKinsey & Co. (18), Amazon (17), Boston Consulting Group (15), Bain & Co. (14) and JP Morgan Chase (13). In total, 131 companies hired members of our Class of 2018.

Strength in numbers. Just how committed is our Career Development Center (CDC) to our students’ success? Check out these statistics: 1,351 advising appointments with First Year students. 1,117 advising appointments with Second Year students. 1,299 jobs posted in the CDC’s career portal. 1,063 mock interviews conducted. 420 on grounds recruiting events. And how about this? 100 percent of First Year students met with a career advisor prior to starting at Darden. And 100 percent met with an advisor again within 60 days of starting at Darden.

Go west. We’ve mentioned Darden students’ growing interest in Tech (TVF / Tech Week and Tech Conference) as well as our alumni’s increasing presence on the west coast a few times now, and the report confirms the region’s growing popularity with graduates. 93% of 2018 graduates took jobs in the United States, with 18% of the students landing in the West. Interestingly, the same percentage of graduates accepted jobs in the Mid-Atlantic. The number one region? The Northeast (31%).

Across industries and functions. 2018 graduates accepted jobs in 15 industries and across 25 different job functions, including Consulting (32%), General Management (20%), Marketing (15%), Corporate Finance (14%), Financial Services (9%) and more. The top industries? Consulting (31%), Financial Services (26%) and Technology (18%).

Outcomes for International Students. The following employers hired at least two international students from our Class of 2018 – Amazon, Bain & Co., Barclays, Boston Consulting Group, Danaher, Deutsche Bank, Google, Fortive, Mastercard, McKinsey and Microsoft. In addition, 85% of international students received a job offer by three months after graduation, and 71% of these students accepted an offer for a job in the U.S.

Entrepreneurship rising. For students interested in entrepreneurship and innovation, Darden has a growing suite of resources and support. Technology Venture Fellows Program. Batten Venture Internship Program. The iLab. West Coast Job Treks. Batten Salon Dinners. The list goes on and on.

And what about our Class of 2019? 100% of students received a summer internship, across a total of 15 industries, with Consulting (21%), Tech (21%) and Investment Banking/Financial Services (21%) leading the way. The top employers? A familiar and impressive list: Boston Consulting Group, Amazon, McKinsey, Dell and Goldman Sachs.

Interested in a deeper dive? Read the full report online, and check out the Career Development Center’s recent blog post announcing its release.