Today on the blog, we catch up with current Executive MBA (EMBA) format student, Parth Sheth (Class of 2020). Parth is based in Kansas City, Missouri, where he works for Sprint, managing Marketing Acquisition strategy after having worked for several years in various Finance roles.

Check out Parth’s answers below, and if you’re in the Kansas City area, we hope you will join us next Wednesday, 10 April, for an Exec Networking Dinner. A networking dinner is a great opportunity to build your network while learning more about Darden’s executive formats. Register.

Editor’s Note: The above picture was taken while Parth was on his global residency to China! 

What attracted you to the executive formats of the Darden MBA?

An MBA came highly recommended by my leadership team. My director at the time was attending another top program and saw immense value for me in the experience and education. I had been considering pursuing an MBA for a while to help me reach my goal of being a Chief Marketing Officer, and Darden’s Executive MBA format provided the perfect balance of school and life while also being a top-ranked program. The choice was easy.

What are you most excited about accomplishing/doing during the program?  

One of my primary goals coming into the program was to further develop my soft skills and grow as a leader. The classes we have taken in just the first two months have already showcased the importance of these skills. The best part about undertaking a program like this is it allows you to immediately test lessons and see results. I look forward to learning more.

What is your favorite thing about your classmates so far?

I love how incredibly smart and hard working everyone is. I am awestruck by how some of my classmates express their thoughts and advance their arguments. Some of my most exciting conversations have been outside class in close group settings.

What did you enjoy about your recent global residency in China? 

I am so glad I have picked China as my global residency. Over the course of a week, we toured several companies – from small businesses to multi-billion dollar corporations – and we had the opportunity to learn from truly global leaders. China has experienced a rather quick economic growth, and I was inspired and impressed with how each of the businesses we visited benefited from that growth. Seeing something in-person really helps connect the dots and reinforce the content you are learning in the classroom. Truly a life-changing experience.

How have you managed the travel to/from the DC area for the program?

While flying in for the program may sound expensive or even a hassle, it’s really been a blessing in disguise. In order to make it in time for classes on Friday mornings, I fly in by Thursday evenings. I make full use of my extended commute to prepare for classes and, to an extent, the flight time is my most productive study time. Bonus: Over the last four months I have become a credit card points expert!

What advice do you have for prospective students?

The case method is by far the best way to learn, particularly in a graduate business setting. The lessons you will gain from the program cannot be taught..only experienced.