There’s great news for international students at U.S. MBA programs seeking full-time employment in the country. BusinessBecause reports that recent changes to U.S. immigration rules effective 1 April make graduate students more likely than undergraduates to secure an H-1B visa. The publication reported that students earning master’s degrees, such as MBAs, are now 10 percent more likely to be granted a U.S. work visa.

BusinessBecause interviewed Denise Karaoli of Darden’s Career Development Center, who discussed how the policy changes now allow MBA candidates to submit H1-B petitions twice — once using their undergraduate degree and, if unsuccessful, once using the MBA.

“You get two chances at securing sponsorship now,” explains Denise Karaoli, senior associate director of international programs, opportunities and diversity at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business.

“This will allow up to about 5,000 more H-1B petitions for those with advanced degrees such as a masters. This improves the odds of an MBA candidate being granted a visa, from about 50-to-60% before to up to 72% today.”

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