The last Future Year Scholars Program (FYSP) deadline of the 2019 cycle – 1 August – is right around the corner! 

Working on an application? Thinking about starting an application? There is plenty of time to apply, and Admissions Committee members Taylor Fisher and Katherine Alford are here to help you put your best foot forward.

Join Taylor and Katherine next Wednesday, 24 July for the Application Hotline Webinar. Bring your questions. The application hotline is open for business!

Application Hotline Webinar
24 July 2019 | 1:30 – 2:30 p.m.

Even if you are unable to attend, go ahead and register for the webinar. We will email a link to a recording of the session to all registrants.

In the meantime, here are five quick application tips for FYSP applicants: 

  1. Start with your recommenders. Recommendations are typically the slowest part of our application process. To apply to FYSP, you will need two recommendations, so once you have identified your references, enter their information into your application so they have as much time as possible to complete their endorsement.  
  2. Give yourself time to write. Our FYSP application features several short answer questions and one longer essay. We ask several questions because we want to get a sense of who you are. Make sure you are making the most of this opportunity to share your voice and perspective. Once you draft your responses, set them aside for a couple days before pressing submit. In the meantime, share your final draft with a friend who knows you well and ask “Does this sound like me?”
  3. What is your story? In the FYSP application process, there are several key questions – Why MBA? Why Darden? What are your goals pre-MBA? Our students often note that one of the most valuable aspects of the business school application process is the introspection. Spending time with these questions now will not only give you a clearer sense of purpose in your application, but will also help as you plan the next steps in your career. 
  4. Make the most of your resume. Have you watched Dawna Clarke’s application tips video series? Here you will find a number of insights about our application process, including ways to use your resume to highlight your leadership and impact, your global experiences, as well as your hobbies and interests.  
  5. Have fun. The Future Year Scholars application process is a great way for you to explore business school. Regardless of the admissions outcome, all FYSP applicants have the opportunity to learn about a top business program and experience the B-school application process firsthand. Embrace the process and enjoy the ride!