1. The Early Action (EA) deadline is 3 September 2019. You’ve still got several weeks to round up your materials and brainstorm your short-answer essay questions! Applicants will receive a decision by 9 October 2019 – and how nice would it be to head into the holidays knowing exactly where you stand with your application status?
  2. We’re here to help! We’ve got lots of great resources:
  3. Did you know that Early Action is non-binding? Remember how stressful “Early Decision” was as an undergrad applicant? Well, this is different. Our EA round is recommended for candidates for whom Darden is their school of choice, but it is non-binding. Learn more about the specifics of Early Action Applications.
  4. A serious perk for Early Action applicants: You don’t have to wait be invited for an interview. EA is the only round in which we offer open interviews. But act quickly! We have limited open interview availability, and once those slots are filled, interviews are by invitation only.
    • To schedule an EA interview, you must plan to apply by the Early Action deadline – 3 September. Domestic students can sign up for interview times here, and internationally-based students can sign up for remote interviews here.
  5. Darden Showcase Registration is now open! We offer Early Action interviews during our 13 September and 20 September Showcases. Interview times are available on a first-come, first-served basis. During a Showcase event, you’ll have the opportunity to participate in a mock class, hear from Admissions team members, connect with current Darden students, tour the Grounds and explore Charlottesville.
  6. Schedule a class visit! A class visit is a great way to experience the Darden culture and community firsthand. Class visits include a class observation as well as lunch with current students. You can also connect with Darden faculty and staff during your time on grounds. Class visits are available online through October.
  7. Consortium applicants have a unique opportunity. We often hear the question, “How do Consortium applicants fit into the Early Action timeline?” Easy. If you know Darden is the only Consortium school to which you wish to apply and you want to apply during EA, consider also applying for our upcoming Diversity Conference. We will offer interview opportunities during this two-day event, and the conference takes place right before our Early Action decision release. If admitted, you can be referred by our team to the Consortium upon admission. Everybody wins!

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