Darden’s Round 2 application deadline is just days away! To help prepare applicants for the upcoming 6 January deadline, Director of Admissions Brett Twitty hosted an application hotline webinar to answer your questions and provide a few last-minute application tips.

View the recording:


Key application resources:

Resources and notes from the webinar:

  • Standardized test scores:
    • Planning to retake the GMAT/GRE for your Round 2 application? Note the pending test date in the Test Scores section of the application and email us the unofficial test score (including section breakdown) once the test has been completed. This allows us to quickly add the information to your file.
    • Send us the new test score within a week or two since we will not move your application forward until we receive the new score.
    • Read more tips and FAQs about how we view standardized test scores.
  • Recommendations:
    • Recommender hasn’t received the link yet? No problem! Email our general inbox at darden@virginia.edu and we can share the link directly.
    • If your recommender is not your current supervisor (or you want to tell us more about your recommender choice), the Additional Comments section of the application is a great place to share an explanation for your recommender choice.
    • If you are a reapplicant, you can absolutely use the same recommender as before — but make sure your recommender shares updated information about you!
    • Watch Dawna Clarke’s recommendation tips video
  • Essays:
    • There can be a tendency for applicants to focus on what the Admissions Committee is looking for, but please don’t fall into that mindset — we don’t have specific expectations when we read your essay. Think about yourself as you craft your responses. This is truly an opportunity for you to craft your narrative and share what you’re passionate about, why you want to visit a particular part of the world, what your values are and how you’ll contribute to the Darden community both in and out of the classroom.
    • Essay advice
    • Tips for crafting great essays
    • Essay FAQs including tips for tackling the Global Essay. Yes, you can really write about any location — not just destinations available on our Darden Worldwide Courses!
  • STEM Concentration:
    • No need to indicate in the application that you plan to take advance of our Specialization in Management Science concentration, but this if this is a key reason that you are applying to Darden, it may be a great talking point during your interview.
  • Additional Comments section:
    • This is your opportunity to clarify anything in your application that has room for interpretation. Rough semester on your transcript? Less than great grades in a class or two? Gap in employment history? Here’s your chance for resolution on these topics.
    • View Dawna Clarke’s video all about utilizing the Additional Comments section.
  • Scholarships:
    • If scholarship is an important factor for you, make sure to apply sooner than later! Don’t wait to apply in Round 3 if you can help it — we award scholarships throughout the application rounds, and Round 3 is notoriously competitive.
  • Waitlist:
    • If you are notified that you have received a waitlist status, don’t give up hope! Connect with our Admissions Team who manages the waitlist and be responsive to their feedback. They will share ways to strengthen your status and provide valuable insights.
    • Here’s a helpful video all about our waiting list.

We look forward to receiving your applications by 11:59 p.m. ET on Monday, 6 January — best of luck over the next few days!

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