With the closure of test centers across the globe due to the coronavirus, we wanted to share a few updates about our Executive MBA application process that we hope will help you as you assemble your application materials.  

We have a number of upcoming deadlines — 10 April, 10 May, 10 June and 25 June. Get started on your application and join Director of Admissions Brett Twitty for an application tips webinar on 8 April at 12:30 pm EDT. 

Application Fee Waivers

As you may know, UVA has cancelled all in-person events through at least 15 May. All Executive MBA classes will be delivered online for the remainder of the semester, and, as a result, we have had to pause our popular class visit program. 

We previously offered Executive MBA application fee waivers for attending an Executive MBA class visit. In the absence of class visit availability, we are excited to share a new fee waiver opportunity for Executive MBA applicants. This fee waiver offer will be available through the remainder of our 2020 cycle, even if our class visit program resumes before our final deadline. 

Here’s how you qualify for a fee waiver. It’s as easy as 1, 2:

  1. Connect. Participate in a phone conversation with a member of our Executive MBA Admissions Committee OR attend an Executive MBA Virtual Coffee Chat; AND
  2. Join. Attend one of our upcoming webinars. We have an exciting slate of webinars on deck, including career-related sessions, application tips, a program overview, student life highlights and more. We look forward to seeing you online!

Application Process Update 

Even with the disruptions due to the coronavirus, our Executive MBA application process will remain largely the same. However, there are two updates of note. The first relates to interviews. The second pertains to our test waiver process.

  • Interviews

All Admissions interviews will be conducted via Zoom for the foreseeable future. 

The requirements for our initial interview review and our final review (listed below) have been updated to reflect the changes in our application process due to the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on testing centers. 

If you’ve participated in one of our prior app tips webinars, you may remember that the requirements for initial interview review and final review were different. They are now the same. In addition, we have shifted our test guidance to reflect a modified approach to test waiver requests. 

The following materials are required to be considered for both initial interview review and final review:

  • Application 
  • Application fee
  • Transcripts (for all degree-related coursework, unofficial are fine)
  • Resume
  • Short answer questions
  • Standardized test score, valid test waiver or test waiver request
  • One recommendation

Read on for additional details about potential decision outcomes.

  • Test Waiver Update

We know many of our applicants have not had a chance to take a standardized test, and it is possible that it may be some time before test centers reopen. As a result, we have updated our application to include a test waiver request as part of the Test Scores section. The question is as follows:

Do you wish to be considered for a standardized test waiver? As a reminder, we accept the Executive Assessment (EA), GMAT, GRE, MCAT and LSAT in our Executive MBA application process. We will accept current or expired test scores for any of these tests.

 If you previously submitted a waiver request and were approved for a waiver, please answer “No” below.  

 If you previously submitted a waiver request and were NOT approved for a waiver but have not been able to take a test due to the recent test center closures, you may include a new request below. Our Admissions Committee will consider this new request along with your full application. 

Upon selecting “Yes,” applicants are then prompted to provide a short statement (up to 500 words) highlighting any aspects of their work or background they feel are particularly relevant to the Admissions Committee’s consideration of the waiver request.

Going forward, test waiver requests will be considered concurrently with the full application. At the time of decision, our Admissions Committee will indicate whether a standardized test or additional coursework, such as quantitative online courses, will be required.

With this update, there will now be four possible decision outcomes for applicants: 

  1. Admitted (no test or additional coursework required)
  2. Conditional Admission (test or additional coursework required)
  3. Waitlist (in which case a test or additional coursework would be ways to strengthen the application)
  4. Deny

Applicants who receive a conditional offer of admission will be evaluated for a scholarship award upon satisfactory completion of their offer condition. 

Below you will find a guide to help you to identify your best next step. As always, we are here to assist in any way —- You can reach us by email at execmba@darden.virginia.edu

If you have already taken a standardized test:…

Please go ahead and apply with your existing score. As noted above, in the Executive MBA application process, we accept the EA, GMAT, GRE, MCAT and LSAT, and we will accept older or expired test scores for any of these tests. 

If you have NOT taken a standardized test:…

If you were previously granted a test waiver, your test waiver will be noted in your application. No additional action required. Please select “No” when answering the “Test Waiver Request” question detailed above. 

If you were not previously granted a test waiver, please check “Yes” when answering the “Test Waiver Request” question and detail any aspects of your background you feel are relevant to our committee’s consideration of your request. These could include (but are not limited to):

  • Prior coursework (including post-graduate, non-degree bearing courses)
  • Work responsibilities (projects, roles, etc.) 
  • Advanced degree(s)
  • Professional certifications

If you have a test scheduled for a future date, please be sure to also note this information in the Test Scores section. To do so, select the relevant test from the dropdown and enter your test date. Leave all score information blank. 

If you previously submitted a waiver request and were not granted a waiver but have not been able to sit for a standardized test due to coronavirus-related test center closures, you may submit a new request with your application. You are welcome to include any new or updated information you feel is relevant to our committee’s evaluation of your request. This request will be considered within the context of your full application, including all supporting materials.  

And last but not least, if you applied in our March 10 March round, please know, we will be following the decision approach outlined above.     

You can keep track of UVA’s and Darden’s coronavirus updates with the following websites:

University of Virginia coronavirus website

UVA Today

Darden’s coronavirus website

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