Tomorrow evening, Darden Admissions and the Network of Executive Women (NEW) student organization will host the next installment in our ongoing series about balancing work, life and school as an Executive MBA student.

We have an exciting panel of recent alumnae lined up for this virtual session, and this event is great opportunity to hear firsthand how students juggle competing demands and priorities during a working professionals program.

Watch: Balancing Work, Life and School Webinar

In advance of this week’s session, we recently reached out to some of the leaders of NEW for their advice for managing time and finding balance as an Executive MBA student.

Anura Shrivastava (Class of 2021) 
Vice President, Network of Executive Women
Pictured left

“Be yourself! Everyone finds their rhythm at a different pace. Never think you are alone, rely on your LT/cohort. Be sure to communicate with friends/family you will need that support! Lastly try to find “me” time every now and then!”

Claritza Jimenez (Class of 2021)
Communications, Chair, Network of Executive Women
Pictured center

“Think more about integration than balance. Integration acknowledges there will be times when some areas of your life don’t all get the same focus and attention, but do you feel at harmony or that you have a consistent direction? Do you feel connected and energized? I feel those are more insightful questions. There’s no formula.”

Listen to Claritza’s story

Caroline Clark (Class of 2021)
President, Network of Executive Women
Pictured right

“Communicate, communicate, communicate!  Let the people around you at work and home what your school schedule is and be open about the demands on your time.  Level-setting is important and effective!”

Listen to Caroline’s story

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