As we’ve recently announced, beginning with the 10 March deadline, the Executive MBA application process is transitioning to rolling admissions. Applications will be evaluated as they are received, and we will continue to accept applications until our class fills. We currently anticipate closing the application for the current admissions cycle on 15 April.

You may be wondering what this shift means for applicants, so we are answering a few frequently asked questions. You’re also invited to join Senior Director of Admissions Brett Twitty this Thursday at 6:00 p.m. EDT for an Application FAQs webinar. Twitty will be taking on the top ten (and a few more) questions Executive MBA applicants frequently ask, including how the shift to rolling admissions will work. All registrants will be emailed a link to a recording of the webinar. 

Q: Is it still possible to be admitted? 

Yes! We still have seats available in our Executive MBA Class of 2023 and even some scholarship money to award! However, if you’re interested in joining our class matriculating this August, please consider applying sooner than later.

Q: Why the shift to rolling admissions?

The Executive MBA Class of 2023 has been coming together quickly, as we entered early March, we weren’t sure how many more deadlines we would be able to offer until our class filled. Instead of having applicants anchor to a particular application deadline, we felt it was more important for applicants to be able to move quickly and submit an application as soon as they finalized their materials. 

In our experience, rolling admissions allows for a faster turnaround for both applicants and the Admissions Committee. Everybody wins!

Q: How will rolling admissions work? 

Darden Admissions will evaluate applications as they are received. Interview invitations will be extended on an ongoing basis, and we will continue to process applications until the class fills. 

Beginning with the planned March round release date on Friday, 26 March, we will release rolling decisions every Friday until the class is full and the 2021 application period is closed. 

Candidates who apply after 22 March can expect to receive a decision within roughly two to three weeks of their application submission. 

Q: What is the latest date I could apply for admission to the Executive MBA Class of 2023? 

As of today, we plan to close the application for our Executive MBA Class of 2023 on Thursday, 15 April. While we will no longer be accepting applications for the class after 15 April, we will continue to review submitted applications and release decisions after this date.  

Q: Given the shift to rolling admissions, what deadline should I pick from the dropdown menu when starting my application? 

Select any upcoming deadline from the dropdown menu, and be sure to submit your materials as soon as they are finalized.  

Q: Any tips as I work on my application? 

We have a lot of great resources for Executive MBA applicants, including app tip-themed blog posts, a step-by-step Application Process webpage and a robust Frequently Asked Questions

You may want to start with two of the slower parts of the application – recommendations and standardized tests. In our Executive MBA application process, only one recommendation is required, but applicants may submit up to three. 

When it comes to standardized tests, we offer two options – take a standardized test or submit a test waiver request. You will find the test waiver request in the Test Scores section of the Executive MBA application, and including the waiver request in the application allows our Admissions Committee to take more of a holistic approach to waiver evaluation. The more you know!

Still have questions? As always, if we can be of assistance in any way, hit us up! We can be reached at No question too small.

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