We are thrilled to announce that our Professional Degree programs team has grown — we now have even more incredible team members to support and coach you during your MBA journey. Please join us in welcoming Assistant Director Ashley Robinson to the Darden School of Business!

If you are considering Darden’s Part-Time MBA or Executive MBA formats, Ashley will be a familiar face and serve as helpful resources over the coming months. Managing Director, Admissions & Strategic Initiatives Professional Degree Programs (and ExecMBA podcast host) Brett Twitty and Director of Admissions Katherine Alford complete the Professional Degree programs admissions team.

Check out the short Q&A below to learn a little more about Darden’s newest admissions team member. And who knows, you just might have a phone conversation with her soon!

Speaking of conversations, participating in a phone conversation satisfies 50% of the requirements for our Part-Time and Executive MBA application fee waiver offers. Schedule a conversation (Part-Time MBA | Executive MBA).

Assistant Director of Admissions Ashley Robinson

Your name: Ashley Robinson

Your hometown: Memphis, TN

What is one fun fact about you?

I love karaoke and all things sports-related!

What is your background?

I hold a Bachelor of Science degree in Health and Human Performance with a concentration in Athletic Training. I also have a master’s degree in Higher Education with a focus on Administration and Leadership.

What led you to Darden?

Darden provided the opportunity to do what I am most passionate about while creating a team dynamic and atmosphere that encourages and allows professional and personal growth. I stand by the school’s mission and the support provided by faculty to the students.

What do you enjoy about working with working professional students?

What I enjoy most about working with professional students are the lived experiences they have through being in the working field. These experiences allow learning in a different aspect than the traditional classroom. This can often shift our way of thinking and decision making and gives a broader understanding of what we want to do moving forward in our careers. We may not always know the path to get there, but my hope is that by working collectively with these students and the Darden team, we can bring those plans and dreams to a reality.

Your best piece of advice for prospective students?

Be your authentic self, be confident, and enjoy this journey.

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