The Future Year Scholars Program application is currently open! We are sharing a few easy ways that you can work ahead during this holiday break to advance your career goals with a deferred enrollment MBA program.

First, let’s talk about who is eligible for the Future Year Scholars Program!

  • Any bachelor’s degree student in their final year of study or
  • Any full-time masters student that has not held a full-time work position

Admitted Scholars can choose to work for two to five years, gaining insight into the workplace and forming a foundation for your MBA experience.


  • Spend time relaxing and recharging. You’ve earned it!
  • Reflect on the academic experiences and personal journeys of your first semester. How have they changed your perspective? Fine tune your interests and find new classes or coursework to explore in the spring.


  • Start thinking about professional experiences like internships, volunteer opportunities, leadership roles within on-campus organizations that are aligned with your academic goals and professional aspirations.
  • Make a list of target companies or organizations that have internship programs for the coming summer.
  • Set a calendar reminder to schedule an appointment with your university’s career center to start working on your internships search strategies, resume and cover letter writing techniques, or take an assessment like a Myers Briggs to learn more about your natural strengths and tendencies. View a few resume tips from Senior Assistant Dean of Admissions Dawna Clarke in her YouTube playlist all about admissions advice.


  • Start thinking about how graduate school might align with your personal and professional goals. Explore various MBA programs through online research and have conversations with current graduate students and admissions staff. Most MBA programs have student ambassadors who can share real-life experiences.
  • Research different standardized testing options (GMAT, GRE) and start thinking about the best approach and test timing for your study style.
  • Draft a study plan for the spring semester with the goal of taking the standardized test the summer before senior year.


  • Enjoy your last official holiday break!
  • Take the GRE or GMAT if you haven’t already done so, or retake it if you want to improve your score. Although you can apply to the Future Year Scholars Program with just an SAT or ACT score, employers in industries like Investment Banking and Consulting will require GRE or GMAT scores. Plus, many merit-based scholarships at Darden take these test scores into consideration!
  • Start preparing your application to a deferred MBA program (for example, the Future Year Scholars Program at the University of Virginia’s Darden School of Business!)
  • Put together a plan for teaming up with your school’s career center this spring to hone interviewing and networking skills and learn what opportunities there are to engage with alumni at career fairs or local events. Once you have applied to a deferred enrollment MBA program, you can also leverage that program’s global alumni network.

Reflect on your accomplishments, experiences and friendships – but don’t forget to look toward the future. The world awaits!

Join Darden in December for 2 special webinars this December:

Admissions Workshop: Crafting Your Narrative | December 10
Join members from the Admissions Team for tips on crafting your MBA application, specifically the story you will be telling through it.
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Future Year Scholar Program Overview | December 15
We’ll share insights including:
– Why an MBA is a must-consider option for any major
– What makes Darden a unique place to spend two years earning an MBA
– Benefits of Darden’s Future Year Scholars Program and key program deadlines
– Updates to the 2022 Future Year Scholars Program application
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