Even though our 25 June Executive MBA deadline has passed, the Executive MBA application is open, and we are still accepting applications for the Class of 2025, which begins classes this August.

We recently caught up with Managing Director of Admissions Brett Twitty to learn more about where things stand with the Executive MBA program, and hear his advice for applicants planning to submit an Executive MBA application now.

Working on an Executive MBA application? Have questions? Join Brett on Monday, 10 July at Noon ET for an informative Application FAQs webinar. During this session, Brett will tackle the Top 10 Executive MBA application-related questions, and attendees are welcome to submit their questions in advance to help inform our conversation!

As the Managing Director of Darden’s Professional Degree Programs (Executive MBA, Part-Time MBA, MSBA) with nearly 8 years of service at Darden, Brett is not only an advocate for working professional students, he also has a wealth of knowledge to share with applicants all about the MBA admissions and application process. He recently shared a few updates regarding the Executive MBA application:

Q: Is it too late to apply to the Executive MBA program?

Brett: It is not! Even though we’ve passed our last official deadline, we still have some seats available in our Executive MBA class enrolling this August, and we plan to continue to accept applications until the class fills. As we discussed in our earlier Q&A, it’s common for our Executive MBA admissions cycle to stretch into July, and we always meet great candidates at this time of year!

Q: Any practical tips for someone starting an Executive MBA application now?

Brett: When you start your Executive MBA application, you will select the 25 June round. If you previously started an application for one of our other Executive MBA deadlines and you wish to apply now, update your round by simply logging in to your application and choose the 25 June option from the drop down menu.

Q: What kind of decision turnaround time can an applicant expect during this period?

Brett: We will be evaluating applications on a rolling basis until our class fills, so we highly encourage applicants to submit their application as soon as they can.

Applicants can expect a decision within roughly a week from application submission, and admitted students will have about a week to finalize their decision. As we often note, things move quickly this time of year! If you will be joining us at Darden in August, we want you to have as much time as possible to prepare for the start of school.

Q: Any sense of when the application might officially close?

Brett: We will likely close the Executive MBA application around mid-July. For anyone interested in applying now to join our Executive MBA class, I recommend submitting an application as soon as you can. If that feels daunting, it shouldn’t. As I often note, the application process is really just a continuation of the research process, and it’s a great chance to reflect upon your story. The process also affords you an opportunity to engage with our program, culture and values.

Q: For someone who is looking to pull together an Executive MBA application together quickly, where are some good places to start?

Brett: We have plenty of great resources to help you sharpen your application, including application tips blog posts and a special podcast episode (linked below!). Over the past few years, we have really focused on streamlining our Executive MBA application and focusing on what’s truly essential to get to know an applicant and make an informed decision regarding their candidacy.

A easy place to start is with a conversation with a member of our team. We offer 1:1 phone calls pretty much every day of the week, and a conversation is an easy way to learn more about our program and ensure you have the information you need before you start your application. Schedule a conversation with our team.

On a more tactical level, here are a few other tips to keep in mind:

  • Before you open an application, check our Application Process web page. It offers a step-by-step guide to our Executive MBA application and will give you a sense of the materials you will need to apply.
  • Once you open an application, take a few minutes to just read through the application. After you have done this, I recommend taking 10-15 minutes to consider your application priorities, i.e. those things you absolutely want to make sure our Admissions Committee knows about you after we’ve ready your application.
  • Once you’ve developed this list, take a moment to think through how the various parts of the application can help you advance these priorities. As we often note, the application process is a storytelling exercise, and the application itself functions like an initial introduction to you. You won’t be able to share everything about yourself through your application, so having a clear sense of what is most important for you to convey through your application will ensure you are maximizing this opportunity.
  • If you’re looking for a place to start with your application, consider beginning with some of the application components that can be a little slower:
    • Transcripts – We require unofficial transcripts for all degree-related coursework. An unofficial transcript can be a photo, pdf or screenshot (just make sure it’s readable!) and you will upload transcripts when completing the Education History section of the application.
    • Recommendation – Only one recommendation is required, and the recommendation process is entirely electronic. Once you enter your recommender’s information into your application, your recommender will receive an email with a link to our recommendation materials. Most recommenders are deadline oriented, so be sure to confirm they received our materials, and know we are considering applications on a rolling basis.
    • Essay questions – The essay questions tend to be the most “overthought” part of our application. As we often note, there is no “right” answer to any of our questions, but getting to a response that feels authentic to you and your story will likely take a draft or two. Go ahead and get the ball rolling and when have your responses together, share them with a friend who knows you well. After all, every writer needs a good editor.
    • Test vs. Test waiver – Applicants have a choice of submitting a standardized test score or submitting a standardized test waiver request with their application. We accept a number of standardized tests: EA, GMAT, GRE, MCAT and LSAT. The Executive Assessment (EA) is currently the most popular test with our Executive MBA applicants. We also offer test waivers for those candidates who feel they can make a strong case for their academic readiness on the basis of their existing academic and professional experience. Learn more about the test waiver request process.