Everyone has a unique journey to completing an MBA. Bob Satcher, a member of the Executive MBA Class of 2024, is based in Atlanta, Georgia, and he is currently a Senior Manager at Ernst & Young in the Business Consulting Finance practice. We caught up with Satcher to learn more about his journey to Darden and how the program has impacted him and his work. 

Q: What was your journey to an MBA and how were you drawn to Darden? 

A: Pursuing an MBA was always a goal of mine, but the timing for a full-time program never worked out. The Executive MBA was the perfect format for me to achieve this goal as a working professional. With a top MBA program like Darden, I knew whether I stayed in consulting or switched to an industry job, it would help me progress up the ranks and give me an extensive network. 

I became interested in Darden because of the structure of the program. I felt like meeting in-person once a month plus having remote classes during the week provided a good work life balance. Not only is Darden a top 10 MBA program, but I was also really impressed by all the resources admissions offers to get to know students and faculty and to hear perspectives and stories from the programs. 

Q: What has been a favorite memory from the program thus far? 

A: I’ve had some great times so far. The first Leadership Residency was definitely a highlight. Getting to spend a full week in Charlottesville with 130 classmates from different walks of life while being exposed to the case method and the immersive Darden classroom experience was incredible. I thought it was exciting to see what the Full-Time MBA students get to experience for two years. Plus, all the local restaurants and things Charlottesville has to offer were great as well.

Students during a global residency in Germany.

Q: What has been the greatest impact of the program so far? 

A: A lot of things stand out to me. I am better at time management but also from a career standpoint, some of the things I’ve done in the Professional Advancement Course (PAC) have helped me map out my career. The core classes, like Economics and Accounting, have bolstered my business background and supplemented things in my day-to-day interaction with clients. 

Q: Do you feel like the case method has helped you with your communication skills? 

A: It’s helped me become a more active listener. When I’m not speaking, I’m not just thinking about what I’m going to say next, but taking time to digest what other folks are saying and make sure I’m encompassing their viewpoints. Whether it’s a work product or a meeting, I’m making sure everyone’s viewpoints are heard and gathered. 

Q: What would you encourage folks thinking about the Executive MBA Program to keep in mind? 

A: As you’re researching what program is the right fit, I would encourage you to look at Darden. Attend as many of the admissions events as you can to get a better feel for the students, faculty, and the staff. For me, it was this engagement that helped me realize the care and dedication everyone puts into creating a great experience for Executive MBA students at Darden.