The pursuit of an MBA can be a transformative journey. We understand that this path comes with significant financial considerations. That’s why at UVA Darden, we are dedicated to providing opportunities that make this journey more accessible. One of these opportunities is the Hund-Mejean Family Scholarship.

What is the Hund-Mejean Family Scholarship?

Established in 2013 by Martina Hund-Mejean (Class of 1988) and Bruno Mejean, the Hund-Mejean Family Scholarship is a merit-based award designed to provide financial support for international students. The primary preference is for those proficient in German, followed by those proficient in at least one official language of the European Union, in addition to English.

Martina Hund-Mejean (MBA ’88), Darden School Foundation Board of Trustees

There’s no additional application or process required; all you need to do is apply for the Full-Time MBA program to be considered. This is part of our commitment to making your MBA journey as seamless as possible.  

As part of Hund-Mejean’s ongoing commitment to our community, she has shared her advice for future leaders. Watch this short clip where she shares her insights and experiences, providing a glimpse into the unique opportunities that await you at UVA Darden. 

Who is the Hund-Mejean family?

Established in honor of Hund-Mejean’s parents, the scholarship is available for all Darden MBA formats. 

She told The Darden Report, “My parents always believed that it was important to instill in their children the desire of higher education and life experiences in different cultures and countries. They were extremely supportive, even though Darden took me far away from them. They offered [us] a lot of choices and experiences, and eventually both my brother and I found our ways in this world.” 

Hund-Mejean was 26 years old when she became a Darden student, instantly captivated by the community at the school and use of the case method. She hopes that this scholarship will continue to encourage and broaden the minds of aspiring European business students that want to study in the United States.  

Hund-Mejean received a master’s degree in economics from the University of Freiburg in Germany and an MBA from Darden. Her career brought her from her first job as a dishwasher at a fish restaurant to being named one of he “100 Most Influential people in Finance” by Treasury & Risk Management magazine on three occasions. She was the Chief Financial Officer for Mastercard Worldwide and currently serves as the Immediate Past Chair on the Darden School Foundation Board of Trustees.  

A Glimpse at Darden’s Diverse Community

At UVA Darden, diversity is a core value that shapes our tight-knit community. Attracting the best students from all over the world brings diversity into our classrooms, providing perspectives that better prepare our students to thrive in the international business landscape.  

“The school and the environment that was fostered, taught me a great deal about how to work with teams, how to manage significant projects and problems and how to think on my feet. I was lucky that it led to a job in the U.S., and in my most favorite city, New York City, but I would have never even had the opportunity if I had not gone to Darden,” Hund-Mejean told The Darden Report.

Take the Next Steps Towards Your Future

If you’re a German-speaking aspirant seeking a Full-Time MBA, UVA Darden invites you to apply. This scholarship is a chance to access a world-class education, join a diverse community, and pave the way for your future as a global business leader. 

Learn more about how the Hund-Mejean Family Scholarship can benefit you and how to become a part of the vibrant UVA Darden community. Reach out to us today to explore this opportunity that will transform your future. 

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