If you applied to one of Darden’s MBA programs (Full-Time, Executive or Part-Time MBA) in a past admissions cycle and are planning to re-apply, here are a few tips as you approach this year’s application process. We value candidates who remain interested in our program across admissions cycles, and many of our current students are re-applicants.

Re-Applicant Webinar

Executive Director of Admissions, Dawna Clarke, and Director of Admissions, Katherine Alford, hosted a webinar specifically for re-applicants. View the recording here:

Re-applicant Request Form

If you submitted an application in a past admissions cycle, you can easily copy your application to the current admissions cycle. To request this action, please submit the Re-applicant Request Form.

While the re-applicant request form will give you a running start on your new application, take some time to review your prior responses. As you take a second look, please answer any new questions that may have been changed or added since you last applied.


We encourage candidates to apply when they feel like they can put together a strong application. But, if you applied in one of our later rounds last year, we recommend targeting an earlier deadline this year.

As we move from round to round, competition increases as our class begins to take shape. By applying earlier, you will ensure you are submitting your materials at a time when we have more seats available. If a scholarship decisions will be an important part of your MBA decision, we generally have more scholarship money to award earlier in the cycle.

Strengthening Your Application

As a re-applicant, you will be asked a series of questions in the “Program Information” section of our application, including:

What have you done to improve your candidacy since you last applied? (100 words)

As you think about crafting your application, you are building a case for your candidacy with both personal and professional dimensions. As a re-applicant, take this opportunity to bolster your application.

Our Admissions Committee will expect you to have taken steps to strengthen your candidacy since you last applied. While it is encouraged you try for an earlier round, take time finalizing your materials without rushing. The more thoughtful and reflective you can be through this process the better.

New Recommendation

All re-applicants will need to submit a new recommendation with their application materials. Think about how this new recommendation will provide the most current view on who you are as an applicant right now.

Did you know? You can choose a prior recommender as this new recommender, but they will need to submit a new recommendation – including a new ratings grid and responses to the question prompts.


Even if a re-applicant previously interviewed with Darden, a new interview is required to be eligible for an offer of admission in the new cycle.

If you interviewed previously, reflect on your experience. If you are invited to interview again, what would you do differently? While our interviews are conversational in nature, they are only 30-35 minutes in duration, and we find that practice and preparation pays dividends.

Final Thoughts

As a re-applicant, you have already done a lot of important work. The more reflective and objective you can be as you approach re-applying, the more you can ensure you are giving yourself every chance to put together the strongest application possible.

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