Darden’s Executive MBA program is designed for working professionals seeking to complete their MBA without taking time away from their career. Our Executive MBA applicants are juggling a lot, so we geared our application deadlines to accommodate our applicants’ busy schedules. With deadlines every month, there is still plenty of time to submit your application to join our Executive MBA class enrolling this August. We will continue accepting applications until the class fills

Here are three things to help you navigate the coming months in the admissions process:


Our next Executive MBA application deadlines are:

  • 10 April
  • 10 May
  • 10 June
  • 25 June

We will keep the application open after the 25 June deadline if seats are still available in the class.


When it comes to scholarship awards, it is never too late to receive an award, and we expect to make awards in all remaining rounds.

While it is true we have more scholarship money earlier in the admissions cycle, we manage our scholarship budget expecting to meet great candidates throughout the cycle.  

If a scholarship award is an important factor in your MBA decision, we encourage you to apply as soon as you feel you can put together a strong application. By applying earlier you will ensure you are applying when we have more money to award. 

All admitted students are considered for all available scholarships. No additional paperwork is required to be evaluated for a scholarship award. We do have one scholarship – The Batten Innovation/Entrepreneurship/Technology Scholarship – that requires a supplemental essay, but otherwise, scholarship consideration is an automatic process.   

We release the admissions decision and outcome of scholarship review on each decision release date. In most Executive MBA rounds, candidates can expect a decision in 2.5 to 3 weeks. Plus, this timeline accelerates as we enter the later rounds – In other words, things move quickly! 

Standardized test waivers:

When applying to the Executive MBA program, there are two options: submit a test waiver request with the application materials or apply with a standardized test score. 

We offer test waivers for Executive MBA applicants because there are many factors that can demonstrate readiness for the Darden curriculum. Whether it’s work experience, the nature of job responsibilities, educational background, professional certifications, non-degree-related coursework, etc., these factors all come into play for each candidate. 

The test waiver request can be found in the Test Scores section of the application, and is evaluated along with the full application. An update regarding the outcome of the test waiver review will be provided at the time of decision.  

Candidates who feel their application would benefit from a test score may apply with any number of standardized tests – Executive Assessment, GMAT Focus, GMAT, GRE, MCAT and LSAT. We view these tests equivalently and encourage applicants to choose the test that best aligns with their strengths and application plans.  

The most popular test with our Executive MBA applicants is the Executive Assessment. While a newer test, the EA was originally developed with Executive MBA applicants in mind, and it requires around 20-30 hours in preparation. In other words, it’s a good option for busy applicants who wish to apply with a test score.  

Advice moving forward:

Managing Director of Admissions, Brett Twitty, is here to answer any questions throughout the application process. He has advice for candidates applying to Darden’s Executive MBA program:

Brett Twitty, Managing Director, Professional Degree Programs

“Remember the application process is a storytelling exercise, and the application is best thought of as an initial introduction to you. 

When you open the application, take a few minutes to read through everything. What’s required? Think about what you want the Admissions Committee to know about you after reading your application. What are your application priorities? After you develop this list, think about how the various elements of the application can help you advance these priorities and convey your story. After all, there is no weight assigned to any part of the application, and the Admissions Committee will be reviewing your application holistically.

If you are invited to interview, this is a great opportunity to deepen the Admissions Committee’s understanding of who you are, particularly what has motivated you – the “why” of your story – along your journey. Your interviewer will write up what you share during the interview and this will become part of what the Admissions Committee reviews when finalizing their decision. Seeing the application and interview phases of the application process as related and not distinct is a hallmark of our strongest applicants.” 

About the application:

Our Admissions Committee hosts an App Hotline Webinar leading up to each deadline. Check out this one from 8 April.


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