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Darden Second Year Electives

Beginning in March of their First Year, Darden students can customize their learning experience by taking electives in a variety of areas — including courses specializing in a particular job function or industry, global and study abroad opportunities, independent consulting/venture projects and other experiential learning opportunities.Read about our Darden…

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Featured Student Blogs: Summer Internships, Advice to First Year Students and Event Planning with an MBA

This month, we are featuring four Darden Second Year student bloggers – Rohan Poojara, Yachna Khare, Rachael McConnell and Caroline Kalinoski. Rohan recently completed his summer internship in private wealth management at J.P. Morgan in New York. In his blog post, he describes the three different roles he held at…

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Student Profile or Feature

Featured Student Blogger: Rohan Poojara

At this time of year, First Year students are typically returning from spring break, transitioning out of the core curriculum and into their elective courses, and preparing for their internships. Today’s featured student blogger is Rohan Poojara, a First Year Darden student. In the following posts, Rohan walks us…

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Life of a Darden Student

Life at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business is full of classes, club events, learning team sessions, job searches and social events. With so many opportunities, each student experiences Darden in a unique way. We invite you to learn more about Darden by reading the stories of some…

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