Darden graduates continue to experience success in the job market. According to data recently released by the Career Development Center in the new Darden Employment Report, the full-time MBA Class of 2018 reported strong increases in jobs accepted, salary and signing bonus.

Based on findings of the new report, the Class of 2018 received an average base salary of $127,767 and an average signing bonus of $35,430. Notably, 94 percent of graduates received a job offer and 92 percent accepted jobs within three months of graduation — figures all representing rises from numbers reported by the full-time MBA Classes of 2017 and 2016.

“We are thrilled to see our students and recruiting partners experience such success this year,” said Assistant Dean of Career Development Jeff McNish.

The top employers were McKinsey & Co. (18), Amazon (17), Boston Consulting Group (15), Bain & Co. (14) and JP Morgan Chase (13). Graduates entered diverse roles in 15 industries and in 25 different job functions. Consulting, financial services and technology collectively drew 76 percent of this year’s Darden graduates.

Consulting positions were the most popular, attracting 31 percent of the Class of 2018 with an average salary of $140,189 and average signing bonus of $31,940. McKinsey, Boston Consulting Group, Bain & Co. and Accenture represented the top four consulting employers with PwC and Deloitte tied for fifth.

Compared to the Class of 2017, more graduates entered the technology and financial services industries. Tech roles attracted 18 percent of the graduating class with an average salary of $122,615 and average signing bonus of $40,313. Amazon, Microsoft, Danaher, Google and IBM employed the most Darden graduates entering tech positions.

Financial services drew 26 percent of the Class of 2018, offering an average salary of $126,477 and average signing bonus of $39,418. The top five financial services employers were JP Morgan, Credit Suisse, Barclays, Citi and Deutsche Bank.

Darden graduates entered new careers around the country and the globe. In the United States, 31 percent of 2018 graduates now call the Northeast home, while the west and mid-Atlantic tied for second most popular U.S. region at 18 percent of graduates each. Internationally, 7 percent of graduates accepted jobs outside the U.S.

“The world-class Darden experience — combined with the Career Development Center’s commitment to providing personalized support to our ambitious, career-driven students — is always a recipe for success,” said McNish.

Read the 2018-2019 Darden Employment Report.

For any questions, concerns or feedback regarding Darden’s Employment Report, please contact Career Development Center Communications and Marketing Manager Mary Shea Watson.