For the past 13 years, recent Darden alum Nii-Lante Lamptey (MBA ’19) has worked at Deloitte and progressed from a consultant to his current position as senior manager. He came to Darden to become a stronger, more dynamic leader and grow as a professional in the consulting sector. Hear more from Nii-Lante about what else he took away from his transformational Darden experience and his career advice for current students.


Describe your current role.

I am a senior manager in Deloitte Consulting’s Government and Public Services practice. I help organizations become more data-driven and advance their transformation initiatives through the use of analytics and data modernization solutions.

In addition to being technical (or technically curious) and a good problem solver, my role requires a great deal of people and interpersonal skills in the form of leadership, coaching, and mentorship; identifying new opportunities and markets in my areas of expertise; and being able to manage large bodies of work. I’ve been with my firm for the last 13 years, and being challenged to take on new and exciting opportunities, and working with organizations with great missions are the things that keep me interested and engaged.


What was your career objective at Darden?

I was a senior manager both before and after Darden. I decided to attend Darden because I was looking for a top-10 program with the faculty, structure and rigor that would provide me with the tools to help me strengthen my leadership skills, enable me to become more dynamic, and also grow professionally. Statistically, I knew Darden was up there.

However, what sold me were the conversations I had with alumni and friends about the educational format. The case method was refreshing and different from traditional ways of learning. The second thing was the location. As a Northern Virginia resident, Darden’s location gave me the ability to balance work and school effectively without investing a lot of time traveling to school. Lastly, I went to UVA during my undergraduate years (SEAS ’04) and was familiar with the University and Darden. I was excited about the opportunity to get back on-Grounds at certain points during the program and to become a double ‘Hoo!


How has your career evolved and what has Darden’s role been in that?

The biggest thing I’ve been able to enhance as a result of Darden are my leadership skills and my strategic career plan. Darden has also provided me with business fundamentals and networks to achieve personal goals outside of work as well.


What is your “why”?

I am passionate and get excited when I am able to use my personal, professional, and technical background to help those in at-risk communities through volunteer and mentorship work.


What career advice do you have for MBA students?

Use your time at Darden to build your network with your cohort, professors and alumni. Take advantage of the global experiences and classes that will challenge you and that align to your personal goals and interests. Even if those goals and interests are not fully developed, use Darden as your test.