Career Management

Introducing Alumni Advisors

By Jennifer Coleman-

The Armstrong Center for Alumni Career Services is thrilled to announce the launch of our pilot Alumni Advisor Program.

What is the Alumni Advisor Program?  Similar in concept to the Second Year Advisor program offered by Darden’s Career Development Center, the Alumni Advisor Program is designed to offer our clients the opportunity to speak with senior-level alumni in their professional areas of interest.

What areas of expertise do the current advisors represent? For the pilot, we have enlisted six highly accomplished alumni to serve as advisors. Marketing, entrepreneurship, private equity and management consulting represent the professional areas of expertise for four of the alumni advisors. The other two alumni are focused on very specific types of career challenges — career relaunch after hiatus from the workforce and transitions to the private sector from military careers.

What is the difference between a coach and an advisor?  ACS Career Coaches are paid, trained coaching professionals whose guidance is generalist and applies across industries and functional areas. Most importantly, ACS coaches are here to provide ongoing relationships and support to our clients. Advisors are alumni volunteers and are available for one-time informational conversations around their specific areas of expertise.

How do I connect with an advisor? If you are interested in speaking with an alumni advisor, please reach out to Alumni Career Services today! If you haven’t already been working with one of our career coaches, we suggest that you have an initial dialogue with one to ensure that you maximize the value of your conversation with the advisor.

Why do I need to speak with a coach before speaking to an advisor? In general, we prefer that you start with a coach to ensure that we pair you with the correct advisor and to broker a conversation that will be most productive.

What if I want to be an advisor? If you are interested in volunteering for the Alumni Advisor Program, please contact Alumni Career Services.

The Alumni Advisor Program is a celebration of the strength of the Darden network and the vibrant sense of community that is special to this institution. Alumni Career Services is incredibly appreciative of the generosity of our advisors, and we hope that you will take advantage of this valuable resource.