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Tapping Into a Shared Experience: Meet ACS Career Coach Lindsay Guthrie

By Jennifer Coleman-

After having held roles in consulting and federal government, Darden alumna Lindsay Guthrie (MBA ’04), considered making a career change; so naturally, she contacted Darden’s Alumni Career Services and set up time to speak with a coach.

How did you become a career coach?

I worked in consulting both before and after Darden. While consulting, I eventually grew into a role that involved both formal and informal career mentoring, and I found that I really enjoyed it. After leaving consulting, I did a two-year stint in federal government and took a maternity leave, but my love of career coaching and mentoring continued to percolate in the back of my head.

While looking through a job site one day, a career coaching position at a local MBA program caught my eye, and on a whim, I applied. Before accepting, I called Alumni Career Services for advice and began working with Marty Speight as a coach. After speaking with her a few times, I accepted the role, and I was off and running as a career coach. I eventually joined Darden Alumni Career Services and have found a true passion. It sounds corny, but I learn so much from my Darden clients and try to give them my full attention and effort on every call.

What is your favorite aspect of coaching Darden alumni?

I love the bond that we share! Once a Darden alum, always a Darden alum. I coach people across all kinds of industries and functions, but when the conversation begins with a new client, I can almost always picture this person sitting in his/her section answering a cold call in finance! We have so much in common having experienced the magic of the Darden experience.

What is your favorite Darden memory?

I don’t have one favorite memory, but a slew of fun things: slogging through cases with my learning team (No. 52!), introducing guests in Section D with our drum roll and song, taking golf lessons at Birdwood with my girlfriends, and meeting friends and professors for lunch in the Abbott Center. I probably should have chosen something academic, but my favorite memories are about the people with whom I spent two amazing years.

What are you doing when you aren’t coaching? 

I started playing squash when I was eight and played all the way through college. Work and life took me away from the sport for a while, but I took it back up two years ago, and I now try to play at least twice a week. I also have two daughters age four and six that keep my husband and me very busy!