Tawana Murphy Burnett (’04) was recently featured in an article in Adweek.  Here’s what they had to say…


Read the news, and it’s easy to feel like the cultural divide not just in this country but around the world is
deepening beyond repair—as if every step that’s made toward progress is followed by a push toward the old retrograde ways. But there are those among us who see reason for hope. They’re not waiting for things
to change around them; they’re toppling the pillars of injustice, owning their power and paving the way
for others in the process. They are Adweek’s 2019 WomenTrailblazers, and we are honored to celebrate
their accomplishments. —KRISTINA FELICIANO


Tawana Murphy Burnett

global marketing leader, Facebook

When it comes to helping to rebalance the scales of diversity and power, Murphy Burnett is a many-faceted agent of change.

As a member of the Pipeline Angels, she’s invested in more than 10 companies founded by women and women of color. She’s also an advisory board member for Startup Newark, a project by digitalundivided that aims to support founders of color in the NewJersey city, and plans to help expand #biascorrect, a campaign to incorporate feedback into businesses to correct bias and elevate the discussion of women in leadership positions.

“I’m the great-granddaughter of a woman who cleaned houses for other people, and she along with her daughter and my mother represent the pace of change for women in this country,” she says.
“Many points on the board, but not enough.” —M.S.


The link to the full article is below.


Way to go Tawana!