Cherokee Nation FlagTohono O'odham Nation Flag

One of the defining visual symbols of diversity at Darden is its Global Flag Hallway in the main central hallway leading from Saunders Hall to the School’s classrooms. Collectively, the flags represent the nations of every member of the Darden community. The Global Flag Hallway is a tradition begun by Professor Sherwood Frey as a way to showcase Darden’s global footprint.

In order to celebrate the rich tableau of Native American ancestry, Darden recently added two new flags to the dozens of flags that line the hall. These new flags represent members of the community from the Tohono O’odham Nation and the Cherokee Nation. Second Year Carissa Sanchez also led a Land Acknowledgment during First Coffee that paid homage to the tribes who inhabited and continue to inhabit the lands on which the institution is built.

The unveiling of these flags is especially meaningful given that November is National Native American Heritage Month in the United States. This provided the Darden community with a special opportunity to celebrate the rich and diverse cultures and contributions of Native peoples in the United States. The University of Virginia itself was founded on the lands of the Monacan Nation, while the Commonwealth of Virginia recognizes a total of 11 tribes.

Visitors will find the new flags on the South Portico of Saunders Hall near Flagler Courtyard, and hopefully they will inspire continued learning and dialogue for the whole community.