This year, the U.S. Supreme Court will hear a number of cases that may revolutionize how employers and organizations approach the issues of sex, gender, sexual orientation and discrimination in the workplace. The court will hear cases from employees who claim they were fired due to their sexual orientation or because they underwent preparations to transition genders.

Fittingly, the timing of the cases coincided with the celebration of International Pronouns Day. The day seeks to raise awareness on behalf of people who are gender nonconforming or transgender. Referring to people with the pronouns they have determined for themselves is an act of decency and dignity. By making the sharing of and education around pronouns commonplace, it also makes it commonplace to celebrate and honor people’s multiple intersecting identities.

This year, Darden celebrated International Pronouns Day by hosting a First Coffee aimed at educating people about transgender issues and encouraging the community to share their pronouns. The Darden Student Association then partnered with UVA’s LGBTQ Center to host a workshop to normalize pronoun usage and provide tips on how to be a good ally for gender minorities.

To learn more about the case or about transgender issues in the workplace, listen to the following podcast from “The Daily”.  The U.S. Supreme Court decision is expected in June.

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