Dear Members of the Darden Community,


As we ease in to March, it is exciting to consider all of the different celebrations and commemorations that pay homage to women as liberators, leaders, and innovators.  This month marks the start of Women’s History Month in the United States and International Women’s Day.  Though the day has its roots in early 20th century suffrage movements, the United Nations formally adopted the holiday in 1977, while the United States codified Women’s History Month a decade later.  Research from our own faculty have illuminated the praise deficit that women face professionally and personally, it would seem that March would be an opportunity to do as Professor Ayana Younge encourages and practice expressing gratitude for those women in our community who exemplify all that International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month seek to celebrate.


March also holds significance as National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month.  We urge you to visit the learning resources provided by UVA and beyond to understand how you can be an advocate and ally for neurodiversity and accessibility.


Be well,

The Darden Diversity Team



March Commemorations and Observances

Women’s History Month

National Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month

Purim – March 6

Holi- March 8

International Women’s Day – March 8

Harriett Tubman Day – March 10

St. Patrick’s Day – March 17

Ramadan – March 23

Ram Navami – March 30

International Transgender Day of Visibility – March 31



Planning Accessible Meetings and Conferences

36 Activities to Celebrate Women’s History Month

How Do I Promote Neurodiversity in Employment

UVA EOCR Guide to Gender Diversity

Cracking the Code of Sustained Collaboration – Six New Tools for Training People to Work Together



Events of Interest

Deloitte International Women’s Day Program

Wednesday, 03.08, 6:00pm – 7:00pm EST

Deloitte is hosting an International Women’s Day Program, a developmental and informational event celebrating women! The virtual, optional program is hosted by Deloitte’s National DEI team, and it will include a panel of Deloitte leaders who will speak on personal experience about being a woman in business and an interactive developmental workshop about building confidence and thriving in the workplace.


Leadership Unscripted: Creating Value with ESG Leadership and Strategy

Tuesday, 03.14, 12:30pm – 1:30pm EST

What are the public misperceptions about environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues, and how can ESG leaders craft an integrated strategy to create value for multiple stakeholders? Katherine Neebe (MBA ‘04), Duke Energy Corp. chief sustainability & philanthropy officer, joins Darden Professor Allison Elias for a conversation about the state of leadership and strategy. Neebe and Elias also discuss how MBAs can prepare for and succeed in an ESG role, with Neebe sharing her career journey into the C-suite.


Webinar on Partnering with Councils on Developmental Disabilities

Tuesday, 03.14, 3:00PM -4:00PM EST

Join the Disability Employment Technical Assistance Center (DETAC) to celebrate Developmental Disabilities Awareness Month (DDAM) in March with the National Association of Councils on Developmental Disabilities (NACDD).
This webinar will discuss:

  • The role Developmental Disabilities (DD) Councils play in leading systems change within communities across the country.
  • Innovative employment initiatives from DD Councils in the states of California and South Carolina.
  • The value of partnering with a DD Council in your state to advance employment opportunities and outcomes for people with DD.



2023 Darden Private Equity Conference

Friday, 03.24, 8:00am -1:30pm EST

The Mayo Center for Asset Management and the Darden Private Equity Clubinvite you to register for the 2023 Darden Private Equity Conference. This year’s conference features a keynote session with José E. Feliciano, Managing Partner and Co-Founder of Clearlake Capital Group, as well as presentations and panel discussions with other distinguished speakers. The 2023 Darden Private Equity Conference is dedicated to long-time Private Equity Club faculty advisor Susan Chaplinsky, who recently passed away. A professor in the Finance area at Darden, Chaplinsky was a widely cited scholar and much-admired professor, earning awards and recognition for teaching and research throughout her career.


Women in Business Week

Monday March 27 – Friday March 31

GWIB presents Women In Business Week (Mar 27-31)! Join GWIB for our annual WIBW to celebrate our community to create memories while flexing our muscles, widening our perspectives, and creating new experiences. We’re sure there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

For questions, please contact Raimat Amosu or Harshita Bidasaria


First Coffee with GWIB

Monday, 03.27, 9:30am | Wednesday, 03.29, 9:30am EST

Join GWIB as they kick off Women in Business Week with a GWIB-Sponsored First Coffee. earn about celebrating Women in our community. Learn about the Darden Art Project (DART) and sale, a joint effort launched by Darden students, staff, and faculty sponsored by the Darden Center for Global Initiatives. All proceeds from DART sales will go to a GWIB-selected Non-Profit, and this year, we invite them to speak about their initiative and how the proceeds from the DART sale will help drive their cause


Virginia Festival of the Book: Sing Her Name with Rosalyn Story

Thursday, 03.23, 4:00pm -5:00pm

Two musically gifted women’s lives overlap over the boundaries of time in Rosalyn Story’s novel Sing Her Name. With racism barring her way, a nineteenth century concert artist can never achieve the place in history she deserves. Then, long after her death in poverty and obscurity, a 21st century waitress, talented but musically untaught, has a chance to revive this singer’s name and reach her own success–if her family ties don’t hold her back.


Virginia Festival of the Book Presents: Deaf Utopia with Nyle DiMarco

Friday, 03.24, 2:00pm – 3:30pm

Nyle DiMarco, an actor, producer, two-time reality show winner, cultural icon of the international Deaf community, and now an NYT bestselling author, shares a story of what it means to navigate a world built for hearing people. Deaf Utopia: A Memoir—and a Love Letter to a Way of Life is a cultural anthem. It is a love letter to American Sign Language and a celebration of what makes Deaf culture unique and beautiful. Nyle will be in conversation with musical performer WAWA Snipe.



The 2023 Scoper Lecture Featuring Bryan Stevenson

Friday, 03.10, 7:00pm -9:00pm

This remarkable event will feature Bryan Stevenson, Founder and Executive Director of the Equal Justice Initiative and author of the acclaimed book Just Mercy: A Story of Justice and Redemption. He will speak on the spiritual sources that empower his lifelong commitment to transformative acts of justice and mercy. An on-stage conversation with UVA President Jim Ryan will follow the lecture.



Training and Skill Development


That’s  the Way of the World

Tuesday,  03.14,  12:30pm – 2:00pm EST

Diversity, equity, and inclusion. These are words that affect many of our lives but what do they really mean? How are they defined? What can they mean to you? Join us as we provide an introductory overview of these definitions and their potential value to you. If you have any questions, please contact Sly Mata at Offered by UVA’s Division for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Free Your Mind: Intro to Bias

Thursday, 03.16, 12:30 – 2:00pm EST

Join us for an introduction to implicit bias. In this session we will seek to understand a particular type of bias commonly referred to as implicit bias. We will engage and consider ways we can become more aware of our own biases (where they come from and how to notice them) and learn specific approaches we can take as individuals to mitigate negative implicit biases we may notice.


I Felt That; Microaggression and Its Impact

Tuesday,  03.21,  12:30pm – 2:00pm EST

This presentation will provide an overview and definition of the concept of microaggressions. Additionally, this presentation will provide examples of three distinct types of microaggressions and the impact it has on individuals. This workshop will also provide participants with an approach on how to defend themselves from microaggressions using the R.A.V.E.N. method. This method is useful in confronting microaggressions in different scenarios and situations. If you have any questions, please contact Sly Mata at Offered by UVA’s Division for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


Can We Talk? Intro to Dialogue

Thursday,  03.23,  12:30pm – 2:00pm EST

Ever been in a tough conversation? This workshop will explore the very concepts that make some conversations difficult and explore how to overcome them. More so, this workshop will reframe difficult conversations into essential tools for personal and professional growth. If you have any questions, please contact Sly Mata at Offered by UVA’s Division for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion


A Change is Gonna Come

Tuesday, 03.28, 12:30pm — 2:00pm EST

Equity remains one of the most sought out concepts both in theory and application. But how do we define equity? Are there certain concepts of equity which are off limits? This session seeks to not only define equity but describe the potential outcomes as well. Additionally, this session will seek to introduce concepts such as equity lens which can be applied to our lived experience.


Choosing Everyday Courage: Speaking Up and Standing Out Competently at Work

Tuesday, 03.28, 1:30pm – 3:00pm EST

Through brief role plays of several scenarios, we’ll learn and practice a set of powerful tools for standing up and speaking out effectively – whether that be to advocate for an improvement idea or something new, or to defend and protect core values and the people around us from harm. We’ll conclude with specific suggestions for next steps – how to choose and commit to starting to do, or be more effective doing, those things you believe are important to employee well-being and organizational functioning. Presenter: Jim Detert, Professor of Business Administration, Darden School of Business



What We’re Reading/Watching/Listening To


Confessions of a Bad Feminist

When writer Roxane Gay dubbed herself a “bad feminist,” she was making a joke, acknowledging that she couldn’t possibly live up to the demands for perfection of the feminist movement. But she’s realized that the joke rang hollow. In a thoughtful and provocative talk, she asks us to embrace all flavors of feminism — and make the small choices that, en masse, might lead to actual change.


We Should All be Feminists – Chimamanda Ngozie Adichie

With humor and levity, here Adichie offers readers a unique definition of feminism for the twenty-first century—one rooted in inclusion and awareness. She shines a light not only on blatant discrimination, but also the more insidious, institutional behaviors that marginalize women around the world, in order to help readers of all walks of life better understand the often masked realities of sexual politics. Throughout, she draws extensively on her own experiences—in the U.S., in her native Nigeria, and abroad—offering an artfully nuanced explanation of why the gender divide is harmful for women and men, alike.


Woman@Work 2022

Now in its second year, Women @ Work 2022: A Global Outlook aims to better understand how women’s experiences in the workplace impact their engagement and career progression. The survey provides a unique glimpse into the lives of women in the workplace, showing a worrying longer-term impact with respondents reporting widespread burn out.


Women In Leadership: Faculty Insights

Four faculty experts from our Women in Leadership program share evidence-backed techniques and tools that women in leadership can leverage to reconfigure the playing field — for themselves and others.